Russian security forces sent vor Matvey Sukhumsky to Greece for permanent residence

Russian security forces sent vor Matvey Sukhumsky to Greece for permanent residence
Matvey Karabulat

The recently released crime boss was deprived of Russian citizenship, and his stay in the country was announced undesirable for a lifetime.

Thief in law Matvey Karabulat, also known as Matvey Sukhumsky, or Matvey Grek, apparently left Russia forever. The officers of the Main Administration of Criminal Search of the Interior Ministry monitored his boarding on a plane flying from Mineralnye Vody to the Greek city of Thessaloniki.

Earlier, the 58-year-old crime boss was announced the decision of the Minister of the Interior on the undesirability of staying in the country for a lifetime. In addition, last Friday, by a decision of the Primorsky District Court of Novorossiysk, Karabulat was also deprived of Russian citizenship for providing false information about himself when submitting documents.

Matvey Karabulat was an accomplice of the notorious vor Armen Arutyunyan (Armen Kanevskoy). In May 2010, they and four others were convicted for the murder of Novorossiysk crime lord Armen Vanetsyan, nicknamed Babay. The crime bosses considered that he appropriated a part of the money intended for Armen Kanevskoy. The latter was a protege of Ded Khasan in southern Russia and was responsible for the receipt of funds to the common fund.

Arutyunyan, who then received 11 years of imprisonment, died in the same 2010, and Karabulat was released from colony-1 in Nadvoitsy (Republic of Karelia) only in mid-January. This prison is considered one of the most severe in the entire correctional system. After his release, the crime boss even had to recover in the Krasnodar Regional Hospital. However, he was no longer allowed to proceed with his past affairs in Russia. Now he will join the Greek clan of Lasha Rustavsky (Shushanashvili). But only if he does not have problems with law enforcement officers there.



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