Russian Mafia’s Don Pipo to gift documents from Vatican secret archive to Armenian Genocide Museum

Russian Mafia’s Don Pipo to gift documents from Vatican secret archive to Armenian Genocide Museum
Artur Asatryan

'Authoritative' Armenian businessman Artur Asatryan, also known as Don Pipo, obtained unique documents from the secret archive of Vatican City. He will give these materials the Armenian Genocide Museum, ArmInfo reports.

The documents tell about the Armenian Genocide, which occurred in the Ottoman Empire in 1915. Don Pipo managed to obtain these materials with the help of several people: the Armenian Ambassador to Vatican City, Mikael Minasyan (the son-in-law of President Serzh Sargsyan) and employee of the Vatican secret archive Valentina Karakhanyan.

Pipo has long lived in Italy and is considered to be an influential representative of the Russian mafia. According to Kavkazsky Uzel (Caucasian Knot) media outlet, in 2013, the authorities of Italy put Don Pipo on the international wanted list in connection with the murder of Ded Khasan (Russian Crime Lord).

Earlier, in 2008, the Italian authorities detained Asatryan along with the other four Armenian citizens. It is assumed that the arrest was related to the murder of one of the henchmen of thief in law Armen Arutyunyan (now defunct).

Recently, the Armenian security forces have prevented an attempt on Don Pipo. According to the press, the attempt was organized by the brother of Armen Arutyunyan, Artem Arutyunyan, known in the criminal environment as Artem Kanevsky.

In Moscow Don Pipo owns a large chain of stalls through Danvesta company. According to the public council of the city's trade department, by the end of 2015, Danvesta had 142 stalls in the streets of the capital. Danvesta was established in the early 90s to help the capital authorities distribute humanitarian aid from Denmark, then the company became a distributor of European meat processing company Danish Crown and opened the first 20 fast food stands. At that time the company did not belong to Don Pipo.

According to media reports, recently Artur Asatryan has been trying to 'cleanse' his image. For instance, in 2007 he mounted a khachkar (cross) in memory of the Armenian Genocide. And in 2012 he set up a charitable foundation to support educational and social projects in Armenia and beyond.



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