Russia to wipe out active thieves in law by 2018 World Cup 

Russia to wipe out active thieves in law by 2018 World Cup

In total, there are more than 400 thieves in Russia.

The preparation for 2018 World Cup has already caused problems for some representatives of the underworld. According to Sputnik Azerbaijan citing an informed source in Moscow law enforcement agencies, the authorities intend to fully halt the activity of thieves in law in the country for the time of the largest sporting event.

For this reason, a number of thieves have begun to take measures against their arrest or deportation. For example, thief in law David Chkhikvishvili (Dato Surgutsky) is trying to clear his way and seek protection by Chechen crime lord and Rovshan Lenkoransky supporter, Khamzat Gastamirov (Sheykh Khamzat), now living in Germany. Chkhikvishvili sent his wife Nana to negotiate with him, hoping that the broad ties of Sheykh Khamzat will help solve his problems with the law enforcers and increase his status in the eyes of other gangsters.

Хамзат Гастамиров (Шейх Хамзат)

Sheykh Khamzat

Aid, if any, for crime lord and businessman Magerram Gasanov (or Zeynalov, according to other sources) aka Pokrovka Magerram did not arrive on time. Over the years, he controlled several metropolitan markets in the interests of the same Rovshan Lenkoransky, but has been recently arrested on swindling charges totaling more than $13 million. Although, he behaved quite confidently – despite the serious charges, he was released under house arrest. Some sources say billionaire and Food City co-owner Nisanov had put in good word for him to law enforcers. This freed Gasanov’s hands, and he would spend most of the time not at home, but in restaurants, which got him into trouble – after being detained for the second time, he was placed in a pre-trial detention center.

Since the time of work at the infamous Pokrovskaya vegetable warehouse in Biryulyovo, he has served as a ‘foreman’, collecting tribute from traders in exchange for their protection. He himself now explains this as money borrowing, which led to multi-million ‘debts’. Nine people from the former Domodedovo base Four Seasons alone, where Magerram was also once spotted, have complained about him to law enforcement agencies.

In addition, according to the investigation, Gasanov/Zeynalov used to head a criminal group that dealt with the illegal supply of sanctions products from European countries. After the murder of Lenkoransky, Zeynalov settled in Food City agrocluster with Dzhaniev’s cousin, Zaur Akhmedov, where he then poached most of the merchants from the Domodedovo base.

Покровка Магеррам

Pokrovka Magerram

Interestingly, according to Sputnik Azerbaijan’s source, Pokrovka Magerram started to have problems with law enforcement agencies after Turkish suppliers angry about him appealed to President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. Now the Azerbaijani is likely to lose his entire business to give all illegally collected money back.

At the same time, it has become known that yet another representative of Rovshan Lenkoransky’s clan has turned up in Moscow – thief in law Khadzhibaba Talybkhanly (Khadzhi Beylagansky). In the capital, the thief plans to bring together a group to confront influential Nadir Salifov (Guli). Allegedly, Khadzhi Beylagansky has already enlisted the support of Rafik Eyvazov (Rafik Masallinsky) and Dzheykhun Askerov (Dzheykhun Gyandzhinsky) for this.

On the other hand, the already mentioned Sheykh Khamzat is strengthening his influence on the Azerbaijani crime lords running the Moscow markets. Zaur Aliev (Zayka), who is currently in custody, and his brother Ali Aliev have sworn an oath of loyalty to him. Earlier, Zayka also wanted to oppose Guli with the Chechen thief in law Aziz Batukaev, however, the clash between his representatives and Guli’s ‘brigade’ forced the Chechens to retreat.

According to the publication, Gastamirov is currently in charge of five markets in Moscow. In particular, he ‘inherited’ some joints from the ‘king of greens’ Dzhanbulat Shamil oglu, killed in 2016. He co-owns another market with Batukaev. Nadir Salifov is happy with this status quo, and he is not going to aggravate the situation yet.



To recall, the Russia MIA previously calculated the most active thieves in law; there are 432 of them – 114 are in custody, 31 are under investigation, and 19 are wanted. Most of the thieves are representatives of Georgia (242), followed by Russians (51), Armenians (30), Yezidis (26), Azerbaijanis (16), Abkhazians (10), Chechens (8), and Jews (7). Russian security forces have begun to implement the experience of other countries and simply expel thieves from the country under various pretexts. As a minimum target, they plan to expel them at least from those cities in which the matches of the championship will be held.

In 2017, such thieves as Miron Gorgidze (Miriko Kutaissky), Shalva Avdoyian (Shaliko Tbilissky), Gayk Nikogosyan (Ayko Karabakhsky), and Suliko Sharikadze (Suliko Tbilissky) were expelled from Russia; all Belarusian thieves – Pashtet, Medvezhonok, Mumu, Lebed’, Galey, and Sasha Kushner – were banned from entering Russia for life.

Already this year, Giza Kardava (Gizo Galsky), the brother of more infamous thief – Gela Kardava – was deported from the country. Ruslan Gegechkori (Shlyapa Mladshy, Ruslan Zugdidsky), Aslan Kobuladze (Aslan Batumsky), and Ilgar Aliev (Ilgar Dmanissky) were expelled immediately upon release from prison. In addition, thief in law Kamchibek Kolbaev (Kolya Kirgiz) was forbidden entry to Russia.



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