Russia to get rid of two hereditary thieves in law 

Russia to get rid of two hereditary thieves in law

The Russian law enforcers are to boot out two representatives of the thieves' dynasties (one of whom has just been released from prison, and the other continues to serve his sentence) at once.

September 21, officers of the MIA Main Administration of Criminal Search paid a visit to thief in law Ruslan Gegechkori (aka Ruslan Zugdidsky aka Shlyapa Mladshy) in the correctional camp No. 31 (IK-31), Krasnoyarsk.

The criminal search operatives officially notified the 30-year-old thief about the undesirability of his stay in Russia after the expiry of the term of imprisonment. Ruslan Gegechkori was convicted for 2 years of the general regime under Art. 228 of the Russian Criminal Code in July 2016. According to the court verdict, the term of his imprisonment expires on March 28, 2018.

To recall, the son of thief in law Roland Gegechkori (aka Roland Shlyapa) Ruslan Gegechkori, 'crowned' in 2014, became widely known in connection with the mass riots in one of the Tuva colonies, where a large group of prisoners loyal to the thief ransacked the prison mosque directly during prayer. The imprisoned Muslims who were in the mosque were brutally beaten. The incident caused the anger of the Muslim community throughout Russia – the thief and his father began to receive threats. The Federal Penitentiary Service transferred Shlyapa Mladshy to a colony in Krasnoyarsk. On the way there, he was beaten by guards and convicts of Caucasian nationality, who had been deliberately put in his cell. After Gegechkorti had a fight with thieves in law Konstantin Borisov (Kostyl) and Sulkhan Mzhaviya (Sulkhan) in the Krasnoyarsk prison hospital, the latter spread a kite on depriving Shlyapa Mladshy of his thief’s status, however, majority of the thieves in law did not support them.

The second representative of a thief dynasty, who will have to leave Russia in the near future, is 34-year-old thief in law Georgy Kalashyan, better known in the criminal world as Georgy Tbilissky or Kotik Mladshy.

September 22, the son of thief in law Konstantin Kalashyan was released from a prison in Yelets, where he had been serving his sentence for drugs. He was detained for violating the migration regime immediately at the exit from the correctional facility. The City Court of Yelets fined Kalashyan 2,000 rubles ($35) and gave him 10 days to voluntarily leave the territory of the Russian Federation.

To recall, in 2016 alone, the Russian law enforcement agencies expelled 10 thieves in law from the country. 11 other thieves were warned of the undesirability of their presence in Russia.



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