Rovshan Lenkoransky’s family and Turkish OCG were to assassinate Guli 

Rovshan Lenkoransky’s family and Turkish OCG were to assassinate Guli
Nadir Salifov (Guli)

Details of the Turkey police operation against a large gang of hitmen in Istanbul were revealed. The gang was going to raid crime lord Nadir Salifov’s house. The influential crime lord had been released from Azeri prison 2 weeks ago.

The Istanbul police arrested 11 hitmen on November 2. The hitmen were going to assassinate influential crime lord Guli thought to have contracted assassination of Rovshan Dzhaniev, another crime lord also known as Rovshan Lenkoransky.

Rovshan Lenkoransky’s brother Namik Dzhaniev led the hitmen, as The CrimeRussia reported earlier. The 11 hitmen were initially reported to have come from the Republic of Azerbaijan.

However, that is not the case, according to’s sources in Istanbul. Rovshan Lenkoransky’s family Namik Dzhaniev, crime lord Khadzhi Beylagansky, and Dzhamal Gasanov (wanted in Russia for alleged murder of someone from Guli’s entourage) made a deal with Şirinler, the cruelest Turkish mafia family.

Mekhmet Sabri Şirin is the Şirinler boss. He was reported to be among the arrestees yesterday. The police arrested him, the Azeri hitmen, and 7 Şirinler members: Abdurrakhman Cholak, Orkhan Ergin, Gadzhi Omar Ertekin, Emre Debreli, Kyanan Savchi, Nedzhat Bingel, and Berkay Denizchi.

Şirinler is infamous for being one of the most powerful Turkish gangs. It controls the Turkish heroin market.


Arrested Turkish mobsters

The Azeri and Turkish hitmen were going to raid Salifov’s Istanbul house. The police confiscated pistols, as the CrimeRussia reported yesterday. The hitmen had hand grenades, too.

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Salifov’s house in Istanbul

The hitmen were going to kill not only Guli but his whole entourage, according to’s source. It is possible the police arrested only one group of hitmen that were going to raid Salifov’s house.

The hitmen were arrested by an anti-terrorist unit and special forces in the Ömür alış-veriş Mall; the hitmen were too dangerous for regular police forces. The Mall was locked down; ambulances were on stand-by; traffic was blocked. The Azeri arrestees will be deported, according to’s Turkish source.

To recall, crime lord Nadir Salifov served his 22-year sentence in late October. Guli had maintained control over his fellow countrymen’s business in some CIS states and Russian regions through his henchmen for a long time despite his incarceration. Guli getting out of jail has the potential to turn the Russian criminal community upside down, according to some sources. 



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