Rovshan Lenkoransky rumored to be killed once again in Turkey 

Rovshan Lenkoransky rumored to be killed once again in Turkey
Rovshan Lenkoransky, Jemo, and friends

This has not been the first death of the crowned thief over the past few years.

According to scanty data of the Azerbaijani media, the notorious kingpin was shot last night in Turkey. Rovshan Lenkoransky opposed the policy pursued by the deceased Ded (Grandpa) Hasan. An unknown killer shot Rovshan Dzhainev, better known by the nickname Rovshan Lenkoransky, in his car, the Bizimyol outlet reported. The driver also died from the injuries. Bizimyol specified that the car had the 90-ND-011 registration number.

Meanwhile, Sputnik has put forward its own version of the night accident. According to the online media edition, rumors about Rovshan Lenkoransky’s death are greatly exaggerated. After midnight, the crowned thief came out of the hotel in the Istanbul's Besiktas district, and headed to the car. At that point, an unidentified person ran up to him and started shooting, supposedly, from a machine gun with a silencer. Numerous shells were found at the scene.

It has been reported that Dzhaniev was seriously wounded and hospitalized. Nothing is known about his condition yet.




The inner circle of the Azerbaijan criminal has confirmed that an attempt has been made on his life. At the same time, the member of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan Fazail Agamali told reporters that the thief in law had been killed.

It is worth noting that this has not been the first death of the crowned thief over the past few years. Lenkoransky’s opponents have repeatedly suggested that he is the source of these rumors, and that he simply wants to build the hype.

Video from the scene of assassination attempt against Rovshan Lenkoransky in Turkey:



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