Rovshan Lenkoransky laundered Italian money through hotel industry 

Rovshan Lenkoransky laundered Italian money through hotel industry
Khamzat Gastamirov and Rovshan Lenkoransky

Information surfaced that the recently killed thief owned several hotels in Italy, which had put him on the international wanted list quite a number of times.

After the influential Azerbaijani thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev died, ever more curious details of his criminal past have surfaced. For instance, Sputnik Azerbaijan found the real reason the Italian authorities were after him. As it turned out, the Italian law enforcement found the thief was involved in the cases of big cash-paid property acquisitions.

A reliable source reported that within one month someone bought luxury hotels Le Sirenuse and Hotel Covo dei Saraceni in the Italian town of Positano. They were purchased for 52 million euros and 49 million euros respectively.

Hotel Le Sirenuse

Hotel Le Sirenuse 

Moreover, Rovshan Lenkoransky was not directly associated with the hotels as on paper Le Sirenuse belongs to a Dzhaniev’s relative and Hotel Covo dei Saraceni to his business partner, the Chechen crime lord Khamzat Gastamirov (Sheikh Khamzat). Subsequently, two more hotels were passed into Gastamirov’s control, as well as six cottages and a restaurant.

Hotel Covo dei Saraceni

Hotel Covo dei Saraceni 

Another fact points at Dzhaniev: after he was murdered, Gastamirov’s clan began to unite not only with Turkish bosses Bulent Bafrali and Sedat Sahin, but also with the Italian clan of Matteo Messina Denaro (known by the nickname Dyabolik, Devilish) and Bernardo Provenzano.

All this made the Italian authorities suspect Rovshan Lenkoransky in his associations with the underworld, bribery, money laundering and forgery, which in 2013 put him on the international wanted list with Interpol. In 2014, the request was canceled to be filed again later. Then the same scenario repeated. In total, Dzhaniev had been put on the wanted list three times.

Хамзат Гастамиров (слева) и Марко Стриппо из семьи Бернардо Провенцано

Khamzat Gastamirov (to the left) and Marco Strippo from Bernardo Provenzano family 

Aside from the Italian investment, Rovshan Lenkoransky was known for his activities in Germany - Hamburg, Munich and Berlin in particular; he controlled the distribution centers that supply goods to the Russian market (that also reported to him).

To remind: one of Ded Hasan’s most ardent enemies was shot by unknown assailants in Istanbul overnight into August 18. Three of his men were detained on suspicion of their involvement into the crime, but later released leaving the case without any suspects.



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