Rovshan Lenkoransky eliminated by business competitors? New version of thief in law's murder  

Rovshan Lenkoransky eliminated by business competitors? New version of thief in law's murder
Rovshan Dzhaniev

According to a source close to the investigation, well-known Russian oligarchs may be involved in the thief in law's murder.

The high-profile murder of thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev (Rovshan Lenkoransky) in Turkey in August 2016 has not yet been resolved. There are several versions as to whom one of the most influental thieves could have messed with. Some are quite plausible, as Rovshan Lenkoransky had many enemies.

Moreover, one of them, Rashad Gyandzhinsky, has even assumed responsibility for ordering the hit on Dzhaniev, explaining that he had to avenge the death of a close friend, gangland businessman Dzhambulat Shamil-oglu. 

However, according to Azerbaijani citing a source close to the investigation, the murder of Rovshan Lenkoransky could have not been the work of thieves in law, but a targeted killing ordered by large entrepreneurs, controlling the fruit and vegetable base Chetyre Sezona ('Four Seasons').

In particular, the source calls the mass 'exodus' of Azerbaijani traders from the Four Seasons fruit and vegetable base to the Food City market in 2016 the probable cause of Rovshan Lenkoransky's murder.

According to the source, these events were preceded by a significant redistribution of spheres of influence in the market of vegetables and greens in the Moscow region after the closure of Pokrovskaya vegetable base in West Biryulyovo in October 2013.

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Four Seasons


Instead of the former wholesale center for agricultural products trade in Moscow, two new emerged. One of them, the Domodedovo Four Seasons, was a private investment project of billionaires from the Forbes rating, the founders of Promsvyazbank, brothers Aleksey and Dmitry Ananyev, and businessman and former boxer Timofey Kurgin, who had been previously repeatedly accused of ties with the criminal world. The second trade center was built on the Kaluzhskoe Highway with the support of the Moscow City Hall, God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev's Food City agricultural trading complex.

At the first stage, the source notes, Four Seasons significantly exceeded Food City in infrastructure and logistics, despite the fact that the Moscow authorities positioned it as ‘the first metropolitan agrocluster’ and supported it in every way. As a result, it was due to Four Seasons’ advantage that it was preferred by most of the wholesalers from Biryulyovo. They included the large market traders Magerram and Nurrush, controlled by Lenkoransky, which enjoyed high prestige among fellow merchants. According to the source, Rovshan Dzhaniev ‘inherited’ them from crime lord Seymur Abdullaev, murdered in 2003; since then, they and many other Asian entrepreneurs had worked for him.


Ananyev's brothers

In contrast, Food City was a lodgement of Azerbaijani traders, controlled by the Gyandzhinskaya OCG leader Dzhambulat Shamil-oglu and his companion Rashad Gyandzhinsky, who feuded with Rovshan Lenkoransky. It was reported that to compete with the flourishing Four Seasons, brigades of ‘Gyandzha’ used to practice acts of intimidation, blocking the way for truck caravans with a convoy of black jeeps, and literally turning them in the direction of Food City.

However, it were not the interceptions of caravans by competitors that caused the decline of Four Seasons a year ago, but internal disagreements, source reports.

The co-owners Ananyev brothers and Kurgin learned about Magerram and Nurush's financial fraud on the market; they seriously inflated the rental rate for merchants. Then Kurgin ‘pulled’ with the guilty businessmen. As a result, the latter defected to the owners of Food City, taking the majority of the traders with them.   


Timofey Kurgin

After this, the business of the Ananyev brothers and Kurgin began to wither. At the moment, according to the source, the base's sales areas are used only by 5%. Thus, Magerram and Nurush found themselves under the protection of the City Hall project, and their former tenants had a serious motive for avenging Rovshan Lenkoransky, who had protected them.

Let us recall that thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev was shot with automatic weapons in Istanbul on the night of August 18, 2016.


At the site of Rovshan Lenkoransky's murder

It was initially reported that Lenkoransky had been killed by Turkish Kurds out of revenge for Ded Khasan, whose worst enemy was Dzhaniev. Then there were allegations that Shakro Molodoy's people (Lasha 'Rustavsky' Shushanashvili, Yury 'Pichuga' Pichugin, and Vasily 'Vasya Voskres' Khristoforov) could have been involved in organizing Dzhaniev's assassination.


Dzhaniev's jeep with bullet marks

In January 2017, thief in law Rashad Ismailov, crowned as Rashad Gyandzhinsky, announced that it was him who ordered the murder of Rovshan Lenkoransky for killing his close friend, gangland businessman Dzhambulat Shamil-oglu in Moscow in the spring of 2016, with whom Dzhaniev openly feuded for several years. Earlier in the course of the investigation, it became known that it was Rovshan Lenkoransky who organized the murder of Shamil-oglu, who controlled most of the greens market in the Moscow region.

Video: Video from the site of assassination attempt on Rovshan Lenkoransky in Turkey



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