Rovshan Lenkoransky’s clan member arrested carrying gems 

Rovshan Lenkoransky’s clan member arrested carrying gems
Ahliman Gandzhiev

The underboss in Yekaterinburg Ahliman Gandzhiev and his colleagues have been arrested for illegal trafficking of gemstones.

The police detained Ahliman Gandzhiev and his compatriots while trying to sell gold and emeralds they had got in the village of Malysheva (near the city of Asbest). The largest of them weighs 1.255 kg and is worth over a million rubles. However, the URA.RU reported, Gandzhiev’s role in the case is not clear - whether he was acting as a seller or was covering the deal. The gang members had firearms, including a traumatic pistol, converted into live ammunition. So far, all the detainees have been released on bail.

Note that Gandzhiev has for long been known as one of the underboss in Yekaterinburg, protecting the city from the thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev (Rovshan Lenkoransky), who was shot dead in August 2016 in Turkey. Before he engaged himself in the rocks, the scope of his interests focused on the main sphere of most Azerbaijani – Yekaterinburg’s infamous vegetable warehouse number 4, where he was collecting money in the common fund.

Gandzhiev’s partners at the vegetable base were Azer Piriev and his nephew Bahruz. However, recent changes – conviction of the shadow warehouse owner Ivan Obukhov, death of Rovshan Lenkoransky and other events divided the main clan members. In addition to the fact that another crime lord Agayar Agayev (also known as Sedoy – “Gray”) is aspiring to join the watch under Rovshan Lenkoransky, there is also a new representative from the warring Shakro Molodoy (Shakro the Young) Clan - Avtandil Kobeshavidze (Avto). So now everyone is expecting the new global redistribution of the local criminal world.



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