Roma Sych settles demolition aftermaths in Kazan shopping center  

Roma Sych settles demolition aftermaths in Kazan shopping center
Unknown people in medical masks crushed shop windows of shopping center Altyn

The thief in law, having resolved his problems with the law, came to his native town to settle the conflict and call the group members to order.⁠

The story of the demolition, which was arranged a few days ago by a group of youngsters in medical masks in shopping center Altyn in Kazan, got an unexpected twist. According to local media, the raid on the shopping center was due to the refusal of its owners to pay for the ‘roof’, which it already had.

On March, 16 at about 18 o'clock 11 unknown persons in medical masks ran into Altyn and began to smash shop windows, but they did not attack people. After that the raiders got into Mercedes, Infiniti and Mitsubishi and disappeared.


It is interesting that, according to Vechernaya Kazan, after the incident thief in law Roman Sychev, better known by nickname Roma Sych Kazansky, who has recently been acquitted by court, arrived from Moscow to Kazan. It is not known how the criminal is related to the demolition in the shopping center, however, according to some information, the hijackers were representatives of a criminal group. Publication Business Online reports that the demolition in Altyn could really be a manifestation of organized crime groups’ confrontation, which traditionally impose their patronage on businessmen. Business Online writes that historically the Central Market, where a large fire occurred earlier in one of the pavilions, belonged to the sphere of influence of Tukaevskiye crime group. Altyn used to be under their control as well, but at the moment it is allegedly ‘covered’ by Myronovskiye (named after the settlement of Mirny in the suburbs of the town). The primary cause of the conflict could be the fire in the Central market. At the same time, the decision on the raid could be taken by the participants of the groups, who are now being massively released from the places of imprisonment and are trying to revive the order of the era of the 1990s, the newspaper notes.

«Сыч Казанский»

It is possible that Roma Sych, having resolved his problems with the law, came to his small homeland to settle the conflict and call the groupers to order.

However, a few days after the demolition, 25-year-old Ilya Spiridonov, 25-year-old Igor Potapov and 24-year-old Mars Yusupov came to the police. They confessed that they organized the attack on the shopping center spontaneously, and the cause of the action was anger, caused by too long a period of repairing the phone. On the fact of the incident a criminal case was initiated under Hooliganism and Deliberate destruction of someone else's property articles, which is supervised by Head of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Tatarstan Artem Khokhhorin. The latter is known for frequent statements that Tatarstan has put an end to criminal gangs. This fact, in its turn, may indicate that the accident indeed involved criminal groups.

When it comes to the high-profile visitor, his acquittal in Moscow recently caused a real stir among law enforcers. According to some information, the criminal accused of illegal possession of weapons and drugs on a large scale, was able to escape punishment due to 40 million rubles ($699 thousand), which were distributed between the offices of officials. The fate of the criminal and his criminal case hinged on them.

Security officers detained the 39-year-old thief in law on January 28, 2016 in the Moscow region. During the personal search of Roman Sychev, 2.5 grams of spice and a TT gun with 3 cartridges were found. Criminal cases have been brought against the criminal under Art. 222 and Art. 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, due to which he could a serious term of up to 10 years.

It is known that the special operation to detain Sychev and his companions took place on the track. At 88 km of M-7 Volga highway the policemen stopped a foreign car, driven by the thief in law.

According to The CrimeRussia, Roman Sychev was ‘crowned’ by a group of Slavic thieves in law Mukha, Kostyl, Pan and Sergey Samarsky in 2015. It is known that Shishkan Ramensky took part in the rite of the induction of Roma Sych.

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