Release of thief in law Taro marked by gathering and vetting of Aktan 

Release of thief in law Taro marked by gathering and vetting of Aktan

Gafur Cherny, a member of the Brothers' Circle, contributed to the promotion of a newcomer to the thieves' ranks.

In Turkey, a mob gathering took place in honor of the celebration of the liberation of Kutaisi’s thieves' clan of Tariel Oniani. He served 10 years in the Black Dolphin special regime colony.

Taro was arrested immediately after his release. Sol-Iletsk court in the Orenburg region arrested him for 40 days. The crime boss was taken into custody right at the exit from the colony. He, knowing about the release of Oniani, planned to go to Turkey. In theory, he should have been first sent to Georgia, from where he would immediately fly to Istanbul. Now his further route is unknown, since the arrest of Oniani is connected with the fact that he was put on the international wanted list by Spanish law enforcement agencies. There he is accused of laundering money and organizing a criminal community.


At the gathering, as it became known from the sources, the 48-year-old representative of Central Asia, named Aktan, was vetted as a new thief in law. Only the following facts are known about him – he is half Kyrgyz – half Uzbek, served a prison sentence in the UAE. In the Dubai prison, he spent 10 years. It is curious that Gafur Rakhimov, a member of the Brothers' Circle, better known as Gafur Cherny, contributed to his promotion to the thieves' ranks.


Gafur Cherny

According to the source, 10 thieves in law became Akan’s “godfathers,” including Teimuraz Nemsitsveridze (Tsripa), Roman Dzhafarov (Romik Kurd), Lasha, and others. David Chikvishvili, aka Dato Surgutsky, was the presenter at the meeting.

It is also known that the vetting of Aktan was sharply negatively evaluated by Shakro Molodoy, who was serving a long prison term. According to the source, he called the vetting untimely. Aktan’s promoters first turned to Shakro, but he refused them, after which they went to the Kutaisi people. The latter, in turn, expressed that “Shakro is not a king and chief” and has exactly the same voice as everyone else


Bakhti Tashkentsky (center)

According to sources, the vetting was made as opposed to the only until recently Uzbek thief in law Bakhti Tashkentsky.



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