Relative of thief in law Lesik imprisoned for drug trick bag 

Relative of thief in law Lesik imprisoned for drug trick bag
Photo from the place of detention Photo: Sloboda

Amphetamine was found at the inadequate driver of a Jaguar, who refused to attend a medical examination.

The inadequate driver of a Jaguar car, who was detained on July 20, was convicted for 4 years’ imprisonment. The police stopped an elite foreign car with the ‘criminal’ license plates M999KT71 out of a strange ride. During the inspection, a large sum of money, bank cards and a cigarette pack with drugs were found. Experts confirmed that it was amphetamine with a total mass of 5.74 grams, Sloboda writes.

The driver refused to attend a medical examination, behaved inadequately and tried to throw the bag with drugs. Inspectors put handcuffs on him.

Photos from detention's spot  
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The detainee was 33-year-old V. Matyunin, who is a close relative of thief in law Alexey Matyunin (Lesik), who died in 2009.

The detainee was charged under one article only – part 2 of Art. 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Illegal Storage without the purpose of selling a psychotropic substance on a large scale). Earlier, the court found that Matyunin illegally acquired a psychotropic substance, a mixture containing amphetamine, and illegally kept it in his car until July 20, 2017, when he was detained. The defendant was taken into custody in the courtroom.

The Jaguar car had previously appeared on the Tula festival Autostrada. Then it was covered with MMM-2012 ads.

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