Redivision awaits Sverdlovsk criminal world with arrival of thief in law Sakhno in Urals 

Redivision awaits Sverdlovsk criminal world with arrival of thief in law Sakhno in Urals
Eduard Sakhnov in court

Experts believe that transferring to Nizhny Tagil's colony such an influential crime boss, who once headed Khabarovsk OCG Obshchak, will definitely affect the criminal environment of the region.

On January 19, it became known that Eduard Sakhnov, a thief in law, known in the criminal environment as Sakhno – the former leader of the once-numerous Far Eastern OCG Obshchak, arrived in the correctional colony No. 12 near Nizhny Tagil of the Sverdlovsk region to serve the remainder of his sentence. Experts, interviewed by the media, shared with the newsportal their views on the reasons for the transferring of the famous crime boss and a forecast of the impact of this event on the criminal world of the region.

A conflictologist, the author of the novel The Path of the Russian Gangster, Mikhail Orsky, believes that the presence in the Sverdlovsk region of such an authoritative thief in law will force other prisoners out of the shadows. “Sakhno was kept in a solitary cell without a bed for months, with only one block of wood, made him starve, but he didn’t care. This is a person who is faithful to his principles and to his thieves' business,” Orsky noted.

In his opinion, the mere presence of Sakhno in the region can inspire Sverdlovsk thieves in law. He also stressed that Eduard Sakhnov will certainly begin to “crush” the criminal world of the region under himself, displacing the least competitive players and finding associates in a new place.

A criminal culture specialist, Alexander Sidorov (also known as Fima Zhiganets) explained that this far (Sakhnov was born in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, he was convicted in Khabarovsk – Ed.) prisoners are often transferred because of intraregional thieves' conflicts.

“The offender must serve his sentence where he was convicted, so the transferring is not very common. Probably, Sakhno didn’t share something with someone, and the situation was heated to the limit,” Sidorov said. He also noted that there is a small chance of a serious illness of Sakhno, and he could be sent to the Urals for better medical services.

The second and most likely, according to Sidorov, reason is the political background. He noted that figures like Sakhno rarely leave the “native” colony, therefore, it is possible that he was transported in someone’s interests.

The transfer of such criminal figures can affect the whole thieves' world of the region where they arrived. The expert does not exclude that “such a thief of the old school could be necessary for someone to organize a new OCG.”

Recall that Eduard Sakhnov was a member of one of the largest OCGs Obshchak and was the right hand of the thief in law Dzhem (Yevgeny Vasin), who for more than 10 years kept the criminal world of the Far East under his control. Together with other members of the group, Lepekha (Sergey Lepeshkin) and Leshiy (Oleg Shokhirev), they burned the relatives of businessmen who did not want to share assets with them, beat journalists they disliked, who published exposing materials, and recruited minors, who later collected tribute from the businessmen.

After his arrest of Dzhem and his death in jail in 2001, Sakhno became the leader of the organized criminal group. In 2005, during the defeat of Obshchak, Sakhno was arrested by law enforcement officers and 4 years later, along with crime bosses Oleg Semakin (Eva) and Oleg Shokhirev (Malek), as well as several crime lords he was convicted by the Khabarovsk regional court.

For a number of serious crimes, including the organization of a criminal community, the defendants received from 12 to 25 years’ imprisonment, and Sakhno received 25 years. Subsequently, the appeals instance reduced his sentence to 22 years.

In August of last year,, citing a source in the criminal world, reported that the “debunked” former opponent of Ded Hasan, thief in law Karo (Korogly Mamedov), who has serious authority in the Sverdlovsk region, could become underboss for the Sverdlovsk region.


Korogly Mamedov

Currently, the 59-year-old ex-crime boss is serving an eight-year term for extortion and threats in IK-19 in Tavda.

Recall that the last Sverdlovsk underboss was considered the nephew of Aslan Usoyan Temuri Mirzoev (Timur Sverdlovsky), who in January 2014 died from a serious illness.


Temuri Mirzoev

After him there were repeated attempts to occupy the “throne” of the head of the region’s underworld. The CrimeRussia previously reported that this "post" at one time was claimed by the thief in law Andrey Tkachenko (Tkach Nyagansky), who was considered to be underboss for Nyagan (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District), but in 2017 he was arrested on charges of fraud as part of an OCG. Subsequently, he was charged under part 4 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (the creation of a criminal community, committed by a person occupying a higher position in the criminal hierarchy), according to which he may face a life sentence. In October, the trial on the Tkachenko case started in Barnaul.

In January 2016, after 12 years of strict regime 63-year-old thief in law Avtandil Kobesavidze (Avto) was released from IK-6 in Kopeisk and tried to return to Yekaterinburg. However, in the city he was met by all the employees of the Main Investigative Department of the MIA, who had a preventive conversation, after which Avto returned to the Chelyabinsk region.

The only one who recently managed to gain a foothold in the Middle Urals was the thief in law Giya Akoev (Gia Sverdlovsky), Temuri Mirzoev's nephew and grand-nephew of Ded Hasan.


Giya Akoev

Freed after 11 years in prison for robbery, Giya Sverdlovsky flew to Yekaterinburg in August 2017. Having strengthened himself in the city, for several months he received envoys from eminent crime bosses but the flow of guests to the thief in law was held back by law enforcement officers.



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