Redistribution of assets worth €300 million. Family of Deputy Sidorova, friend of thief-in-law Shishkan Ramensky, disappears 

Redistribution of assets worth €300 million. Family of Deputy Sidorova, friend of thief-in-law Shishkan Ramensky, disappears
The CrimeRussia sources claim that Oleg Ramensky still controls the entire business in the district

Tatiana Sidorova, Deputy of Ramenskoye District Council and Director of Plemzavod Ramenskoye (Ramenskoye Stud Farm), disappeared under mysterious circumstances five years ago together with three other members of her family. Blood and traces of dragged bodies have been found in her mansion; however, no corpses were discovered. Then it became known that Sidorova was a suspect in a criminal case pertaining to real estate scams, while the companies managed by the Deputy and her husband had taken credits for the total amount of €300 million. According to some media outlets, the investigation believed that famous Slavic thief-in-law Oleg Shishkanov was involved into that case. In 2015, after a failed special operation carried out to capture him, Shishkanov has been put on the wanted list and reportedly was hiding abroad. However, The CrimeRussia has found out that Shishkan is not hiding from anybody.

Residents of the Ramenskoye district still remember very well the bloody story that had strongly affected the redistribution of lands and assets in the southeastern part of the Moscow region. In fact, the disappearance of Tatiana Sidorova was not the beginning of that story. A CrimeRussia journalist has visited the scene and discussed the events that had occurred five years ago with local businessmen, neighbors of Deputy Sidorova, her former subordinates, and shareholders of Plemzavod Ramenskoye Limited Liability Company.

Bloody milk

On the morning of February 21, 2012, Mikhail Mazin, driver for the director of one of the largest animal husbandry and diary enterprises in the Moscow region, was waiting for Tatiana Sidorova near her home in Malakhovka village. She did not show up and did not answer his calls. Then Mazin has found bloody traces and scattered clothes in the backyard of her home and on its porch. There were no people in the mansion. Their bodies were never found.

Four people have disappeared in that incident: 52-year-old Tatiana Sidorova; her 73-year-old husband and businessman Vladimir Kremnev, director of Teplitsy Ramenskie (Greenhouses of Ramenskoye) Limited Liability Company; 29-year-old Aleksander, son of Sidorova from the first marriage; and 65-year-old sister of the Deputy Zinaida Bochkova.


Tatiana Sidorova

According to another son of Deputy Sidorova who lives separately, the perpetrators had obviously searched the home for documents pertaining to business activities of his mother – because the money and valuables were left intact, and all the four cars belonging to the family members were parked on the street – their ignition keys have been found inside the home as well.

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Due to the public stir, the criminal case instituted under part 2 of Article 105 (murder of two or more persons) and part 2 of Article 126 (abduction against two or more persons committed by a group of persons out of mercenary motives) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation has been transferred to the Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR). The ICR Press Service, in the person of Vladimir Markin, has announced the initiation of a large-scale investigation, including dactyloscopic (plenty of fingerprints were found in the home) and other expert assessment, and promised to report its progress. No further results and finding were reported.

For some unknown reasons, the investigation got stalled since the very beginning. Residents of the Ramenskoye district state, citing some unofficial source in the ICR, that the examination of the blood stains found in the Deputy’s home has shown that the blood belonged to Sidorova and Kremnev.

The investigation had two main versions. The first one was based on the close ties between Sidorova and the criminal world of Ramenskoye – according to the witnesses, their relations had soured shortly before the disappearance of the family. The other version – unofficial, but also considered by the investigation – was supported by many residents of the Ramenskoye district: Sidorova and her husband Kremnev had staged their own abduction – and they had plenty of reasons to do so.

Not enough land for everybody

Initially, the neighbors, acquaintances, and former employees of Sidorova questioned by the media and investigators had characterized the former Deputy moderately. Then it turned out that Sidorova, who had relocated to the Ramenskoye district from Bryansk in the 1980s, managed to make things lively for many people. A vivid example of the aggressive business policy pursued by the Deputy was a redistribution of a huge (4 thousand ha) area belonging to her Plemzavod Ramenskoye.

Sidorova had worked in Ramenskoye State Farm for many years, and in July 2003, she was elected the head of the agricultural cooperative established on the basis of the state farm. At that time, the cooperative had 1061 shareholder, including state farm employees and residents of adjacent settlements. Each shareholder was entitled to 4 ha of the privatized lands earlier belonging to the state farm accompanied by an official land ownership certificate.


Despite the seeming desolation, the stud farm is still operational

In September 2003, the cooperative has been reorganized into a closed joint stock company, while its 788 shares were distributed between 221 rural residents who had attended that meeting. Then weird things started happening. Only 49 members of the former cooperative became the founders of the new closed joint stock company; the others have been excluded retroactively on the basis of forged voluntary withdrawal applications. Local people claim that Sidorova and her deputy Nadezhda Shkutko (currently a Deputy of the Ramenskoye District Council) have appropriated other people’s shares that way and acquired together 49% of the charter capital. It is known that Sidorova had offered the former shareholders 5 thousand rubles ($85) as a compensation claiming that they had no real chance to get anything for their ‘mythical’ allotments. Many people, mostly low-income retirees, had accepted that money.

According to real estate database, the price of agricultural lands in the Ramenskoye district starts from 20 thousand rubles ($339) per 100 square meters (0.01 ha) – therefore, each defrauded shareholder has sustained damages amounting to millions of rubles. Some lots were located on the Moskva River shore – their cost was even higher. According to some information, at least 800 shareholders have been left with land ownership certificates issued during the Yeltsyn era – but without land.


Following shareholders’ complaints, Fedor Kuzasev, Prosecutor of the Town of Ramenskoye, has initiated a criminal case against Sidorova and Shkutko. The Investigations Administration of the Administration for the Ramenskoye District of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Russian Federation had tried to close this case in February 2009, but the Regional Prosecutor’s Office has returned it for additional investigation. To the moment, the case has likely been closed because one of the suspects disappeared, while the other one, Nadezhda Shkutko, is currently is a Deputy Chairperson of the Council of Deputies of Zabolotievskoe Rural Settlement where the stud farm’s lands are located. It is necessary to note that Nadezhda Shkutko became a victim herself and lost virtually all the assets of the closed joint stock company belonging to her. At some moment, it was announced to Shkutko that 104 shares, out of the 164, had been assigned to her “in error” because she never paid for those and, based on Article 34 of the Federal Law No. 208-FZ of December 26, 1995 On Joint Stock Companies, the shares have been transferred to the company. In December 2012, she had attempted to assert her rights in arbitration court, but her case was rejected.

The hoodwinked shareholders had repeatedly attempted to retrieve their lots – but every time they encountered delays and rejections. Complaints and pickets were ignored by the officials. Sidorova had avoided any meetings with the shareholders and, according to a CrimeRussia source, has even relocated to a different settlement – Malakhovo village – to keep under the radar. Once, being a Deputy of Ramenskoye District Council, she had even retained enforcement structures to avoid a meeting with the former shareholders. In December 2010, police officers armed with submachine guns, had refused entry for a group of shareholders to a rural club where Sidorova had a meeting with voters.

According to local journalist Vasily Kudanenko who was in the club hall, nervous Sidorova told the policemen at that time: “Just don’t make me a new Kushchevskaya village here”.

Vasily Kudanenko believes that the shares of Plemzavod Ramenskoye were a component of a frequently used scheme pulled off by the officials with the purpose to withdraw lands from the public ownership under the disguise of an agricultural cooperative. Then the majority of the cooperative shareholders have been deprived of their rights on various pretexts, while some influential persons – true masterminds behind the land redistribution – earned dozens of millions on other people’s shares. According to a number of CrimeRussia sources in the Ramenskoye district asking not to disclose their names out of safety concerns, the embezzlement of lands belonging to Plemzavod Ramenskoye has been orchestrated by several interested parties including high-profile local functionaries. The main interesant was the overseer of the Ramenskoye district, thief-in-law Oleg Shishkanov also known as Oleg Ramensky, Shishkan, and Shishkan Ramensky.



Oleg Shishkanov was crowned in 1992 by thieves-in-law Makharbek Kargaev (Ruslan) and Valery Dlugach (Globus) in Izmailovskaya Hotel in Moscow. It is known that Vyacheslav Ivan’kov (Yaponchik) had personally approved the crowning of Shishkan. Prior to that, Shishkanov has served his sole prison term – 10 years – for rape and murder under aggravating circumstances. It is known that 18-year-old Shishkan had taken the blame upon himself because his accomplices – repeated offenders – were facing death penalty. Being fundamentally focused on the thieves’ ideology, Shishkanov became the overseer of the Correctional Labor Colony № 11 in the Republic of Mordovia. In the 1990s, Shishkan Ramensky was in charge of Ramenskie organized criminal group and supervised Lyuberetskie organized criminal group for a long time – up until a bloody conflict in the late 1990s when Lyuberetskie had refused to pay dues to the thieves’ pooled cashed found. During a short period of time, several leaders from both sides were killed. An assassination attempt was undertaken against Shishkan as well. The thief-in-law survived because the miner from Lyuberetskie who was planting a bomb under his Mercedes has accidentally blown himself up together with the car. In 2016, Shishkan Ramensky was named, together with thieves-in-law Tyurik, Pichuga (Little Bird), Petrik, Vasya Voskres (Vasya Resurrected) and Gela, among the most likely candidates to the post of detained thief № 1 Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy).

Prince Shishkan Ramensky

Residents of the Ramenskoye district claim that this is the only district remaining in the Moscow region where you can run business, manufacturing, or agriculture only if you accurately pay levies to the cover – similarly with the ‘turbulent 1990s’. This way of life has largely been preserved thanks to Shishkan – who had striven to become an ‘apanage prince’ during the period of criminal wars. Ramenskie organized criminal group had always fiercely defended its domain against rivals and, where possible, imposed levies on weaker neighbors.


Oleg Shishkanov was always called the unofficial owner of FC Saturn Ramenskoye. He repeatedly stated that only thanks to him, the club had ascended to the Premier League at some point

Tatiana Pavlovna Sidorova had maintained friendly relations with the influential thief-in-law for many years. According to a CrimeRussia source, everybody in the Ramenskoye district is aware that Shishkan was the real owner of the major portion of the business officially belonging to Sidorova and her husband Vladimir Kremnev. Such a powerful cover was the main reason behind the business achievements of Sidorova and her quick ascension to the local authorities, the source claims.

Shishkanov had frequently visited the stud farm and greenhouses managed by Kremnev. According to local residents, people of Shishkan had been taking away flowers grown there for sale on a regular basis.


The greenhouses are now empty, while the enterprise, similarly with other projects of Kremnev and Sidorova, is bankrupt. However, this monument to multimillion investments still remains in the fields of the Ramenskoye distric

Tatiana Sidorova had officially owned the controlling block of shares in Plemzavod Ramenskoye (Ramenskoye Stud Farm) at the moment of her disappearance, but in reality the situation was quite different. The CrimeRussia source believes that the enterprise and all its lands had always belonged to Oleg Shishkanov and his friend and unspoken business partner Valery Gazzaev – “a big figure in the world football”. We can’t assert that this refers to the former President of FC Spartak Vladikavkaz (Alania) and current Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture, Sport, Tourism, and Youth Affairs of the VII Convocation of the State Duma. It is known, however, that the most titled trainer in the entire history of the Russian football is familiar with Oleg Shishkanov.

281f5f78db1737b081a89cbb00a5235f (1).jpg

Oleg Shishkanov and Valery Gazzaev

Their first joint photos have appeared on the Internet back in 2009 – at that time, Shishkan was actively involved into the activities of FC Saturn Ramenskoye and ‘showed up’ on a regular basis. According to The CrimeRussia sources, Gazzaev still has joint business interests with Shishkan Ramensky in the Ramenskoye district. It must be said that Oleg Shishkanov unofficially supervised the lion’s share of the business in this part of the Moscow region.


The CrimeRussia source claims that the omnipresent thief-in-law was involved into the ‘spending’ of business loans taken by Sidorova and Kremnev for their enterprises.

Milk bubble

Former Plemzavod Ramenskoye employees recall that Sidorova had proposed her own candidacy promising to create a tidy farm. The friendship with Oleg Shishkanov had played a certain role, but the general strategy to promote Sidorova to superior positions in the district authorities and agriculture – a very lucrative industry from the governmental subsidies point of view – has been developed by Vladimir Kremnev, the second husband of Sidorova.

People familiar with Kremnev characterize him as an analytical person; prior to the acquisition of a cottage in the Ramenskoye district, he had earned extensive work and business experience in the nuclear energy industry and various business projects. According to the Consolidated State Register of Legal Entities, Kremnev is the founder of 14 and general director of 5 companies – although only three of those are still operating. Despite his disappearance five years ago, he still remains the General Director of Medek Vodnik Limited Liability Company.

It is known that Vladimir Kremnev was not a novice in the lending sphere and had extensive connections in banks. In other words, the source states, Kremnev had mastered many time-tested ‘shady’ schemes in the 1990s and knew ‘right’ persons able to secure – in exchange for ‘kickbacks’ – huge loans on beneficial terms.

By the moment of the Sidorova’s family disappearance, Plemzavod Ramenskoye had incurred enormous debts – and the lion’s share of these loans was intended for ‘kickbacks’ to the officials. A collapse was imminent. Therefore, in anticipation of this situation, Vladimir Kremnev could, in theory, plot and stage a fake assassination to abscond abroad with his family. By the way, Nadezhda Shkutko, ex-deputy of Sidorova, had stated with confidence on the next day after the incident that her former boss and business partner was on the run – although she refused to comment this allegation.


Milking parlor control room of the stud farm

Residents of Malakhovo village questioned by The CrimeRussia journalist noted that on February 21, 2012, when the village was full of police and ICR vehicles, the remaining relatives of Sidorova hadn’t demonstrated any sadness or anxiety. Many people in the district were aware that the family had a ‘reserve airfield’ – real estate in France and Cyprus. This version is consistent with the fact that an elderly sister of Sidorova and her 29-year-old son from the first marriage have disappeared together with the Deputy and her husband: Zoya Bochkova needed expensive cancer treatment, while Sidorova’s son had drug issues and required mother’s supervision. And the family had enough money to start a new life ‘from scratch’.

At a conservative estimate, Kremnev and Sidorova took credits for their enterprises for the total amount of some €300 million. And this is just the tip of the financial iceberg of investments into the stud farm in the Ramenskoye district that has vanished shortly after the disappearance of the Deputy and her relatives.

The spouses managed to attract generous investments by securing the support of Boris Gromov, then-Governor of the Moscow Region, and Vladimir Demin, then-Head of the Ramenskoye District, and by running a large-scale PR-campaign for the ‘right people’ under the slogan: “agriculture revival in the metropolitan region”.

The loans granted by Vnesheconombank (VEB) to Plemzavod Ramenskoye and Teplitsy Ramenskie companies had amounted to €65 million and €41.5 million respectively. €12 million were borrowed from Czech Export Bank against guarantees of above-mentioned VEB (Czech company Farmtec had installed the equipment). In addition, companies belonging to the couple were taking credits to purchase expensive brood cows (in fact, these cows were infected with leptospirosis and had to be destroyed) and acquire advanced Italian equipment. The coordination and cooperation agreement signed with organizations of the Moscow region and the Federal Protective Service of Russia had also affected the borrowers’ reputation positively – in the framework of that agreement, the parties had negotiated joint residential construction projects to provide housing in the Ramenskoye district for officers of the Federal Protective Service and employees of the stud farm. In other words, it was an unprecedented project – although the sources familiar with the situation claim that only some 80% of the received funds had been spent on the district development. This seems logical – the district overseer also needed to slice a large piece of that pie.


According to some residents of the district, this could be the reason why the relations between Tatiana Sidorova and Shishkanov had deteriorated shortly before her disappearance. She had even complained to one of her friends that “people of Oleg Nikolaevich want more and more”. The investigation became aware of this – and after the disappearance of Sidorova, Shishkan was considered one of the suspects.

My home is my castle

On March 2, 2012, two weeks after the incident, ICR operatives had arrived to one of Shishkan’s mansions located at 6 Furmanova street in the framework of the investigation of the disappearance of the Deputy’s family. However, due to a “mistake with cadastral numbers of lots”, they have searched the not the residence of the thief-in-law, but the home of his daughter – and, of course, found nothing.


Neither did the operatives meet Shishkan in that home. Three years later, during a search related to a series of murders in the Ramenskoye district in another home belonging to the crowned thief in Pervomaika village – where, according to some information, Shishkan has an own pier, they failed to meet him as well. However, Kommersant wrote in 1999 that ‘something’ has been found during that search: in addition to firearms and ammunition, the investigators have seized the thieves’ pooled cash fund – $1.2 million in a shoebox with inscription “Bank of the City of Brooklyn” and 3 million rubles ($50.9 thousand) in another box. The further fate of that money is unknown, but Shishkan, who was in Spain at that time, has safely returned home and continued legitimately living in his native district.

Three years after the disappearance of the Sidorova’s family, the investigative authorities have remembered her case again. Residents of Malakhovo village told The CrimeRussia journalist that two years ago, ICR and prosecution operatives had again given attention to a quiet village. According to the local people, they were searching very actively and “literally shoveled the ground”.


Based on the nature of the investigative actions, the operatives were likely searching for traces of murder at that time. They had even checked small Malakhovo village cemetery for illegal burials. According to the clergy of the Church of St. Demetrius of Solun located across the road from the Sidorova’s mansion in Malakhovo, the operatives had even demolished the brickwork of a stone oven in the church built in 1829. Apparently, they were looking for remains of burned corpses...

церковь (1).jpg

The Church of St. Demetrius of Solun

It is necessary to note that at that time, the investigation had some questions to Oleg Ramensky again. The CrimeRussia wrote earlier that the operatives had received some new information about the possible involvement of the thief-in-law into the high-profile case. It was found out that a day before the disappearance of the Sidorova’s family, Egor Esin, a businessman from Ramenskoye and henchman of Shishkan, had visited her office and had an intense conversation with the Deputy. On the evening of the same day, people had seen the crowned thief in Malakhovo near the cottage of Sidorova.

Therefore, in November 2015, operatives of the MIA General Administration of Criminal Investigation and MIA General Administration for the Moscow Region, supported by SWAT troopers, have conducted a special operation to arrest the thief-in-law. The directed surveillance involving two helicopters had confirmed that Shishkanov was at home. However, the law enforcement officers failed to capture him again. According to, following that, Oleg Shishkanov has been put on the wanted list and had to hide abroad. This version was very popular, some media outlets still spread it.

But in fact, Shishkan had never fled abroad – although he visits foreign countries on a regular basis. In 2001, the thief-in-law, following the steps of other criminal authorities well-known to Interpol (e.g. Arnold Tamm-Spivakovsky, Semion Mogilevich-Shnaider, etc.) has officially changed his last name. Shishkanov owns real estate in Europe – but he never leaves his native district unsupervised for a long time.

Although Shishkan oversees virtually the entire business in the Ramenskoye district, in strict accordance with the thieves’ code, he does not run it officially. The Consolidated State Register of Legal Entities includes only one full namesake of the new identity of the crowned thief.

According to the documents, Oleg Nikolaevich Medvedev owns 50% of Plaza Ramstars business park built in 2010. The business park leases out trade and office space at the cost of 800 to 1.5 thousand rubles ($13.6–25.5) per square meter per month. Its total area is 28.3 thousand square meters. In addition to the group of buildings, Plaza Ramstars also includes a water basin, recreation zones, and parking lot for 300 cars.


Interestingly, all the business park buildings follow the architectural style of the home located at 6 Furmanova street, Ramenskoye and used by Oleg Shishkanov as his main residence for more than ten years already.


According to the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr), the land lot with the total area of 5527 square meters located at that address (its cadastral value is 16,873,544.11 rubles ($287.1 thousand)) belongs to Lilia Anatol’evna Strokina who, according to the Consolidated State Register of Legal Entities, is a cofounder of several companies in Ramenskoye specializing in the management of own and leased real estate. It is necessary to note that Rosreestr lists her as the owner since 2007 – although the operatives had arrived there to see Shishkan with no success at least twice since then.

They say, at home even the walls help. The CrimeRussia journalist has made sure that the three-meter-high and equipped with a modern video surveillance system walls around the mansion at 6 Furmanova street may really help in a difficult situation.


Especially taking that the access route goes from the highway, while several dozens of meters of walls twined with vine look out onto a quiet street in a forested area.


Ramenskoye residents say that district overseer Oleg Shishkanov still lives in a luxury guarded home on the 42nd kilometer (the mansion at 6 Furmanova street is located there). Apparently, despite a recent fuzz during the special operation, the law enforcement authorities have no more questions to him.

Furthermore, The CrimeRussia has found out that Oleg Shishkanov, a big football fan and former (prior to the bankruptcy of the club) unofficial owner of FC Saturn Ramenskoye, plays for the team of Saturn veterans in football matches on a regular basis.

According to the official VK community, the thief-in-law plays with the number 10 in almost all the games of the FC Saturn veterans against other veterans of the Moscow region and plays pretty well – provides goals for others and scores goals himself.

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For instance, on June 11, 2017, he participated in the match between Saturn and Ramen’e, two weeks earlier scored the first goal in the game against Meteor Zhukovsky, while on May 5, scored the final goal to Al’yans Kolomna.

Shishkanov had played for Saturn on a regular basis in 2015 and 2016 as well – i.e. in the period when he, according to some media, was allegedly put on the wanted list.

On September 30, 2017, Oleg Shishkanov has appeared again on his native Saturn Stadium in Ramenskoye to participate in the memorial game in honor of Merited Master of Sports Valery Pavlovich Maslov between veterans of the Central Sport Club of the Army (CSKA) and Dynamo. The crowned thief had played that match for Dynamo. According to the official web site of the Moscow club, Shishkanov never was a member of its veterans’ team – however, this was not the first time when he played for Dynamo.


On September 30, 2017, Oleg Shishkanov participated in the game between CSKA and Dynamo veterans’ teams

Apparently, the temptation to play in one team with brothers Smertin and other stars of the Russian football was too strong. Valery Gazzaev, member of the Public Expert Council of FC Dynamo Moscow, was in Ramenskoye on that day as well. Surely, he has made a favor to an old friend.




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