Quarter-century for "Rozhok", the "thieves’ enforcer" 

Quarter-century for "Rozhok", the "thieves’ enforcer"
Evgeny "Rozhok" Rozhkov goes to jail

The former "enforcer" in a pretrial detention center, nicknamed "Medved" (Bear) has been sentenced to 26 years; he will spend first 15 years in jail and the rest – in a high-security penal colony.

Evgeny Rozhkov, a criminal "lord" and former "enforcer" of "thieves-in-law" in the Pretrial Detention Center #4, hero of numerous publications in media, has been sentenced to 26 years behind bars. Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper reports that recently the Moscow City Court convicted Rozhkov and two his accomplices based on Зart 1 of Article 209 (Banditism), Зart 2 of Article 105 (Murder), Зart 4 of Article 162 (Robbery), and Зart 3 of Article 222 (Keeping and selling weapons) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federations. The former pretrial detention center "enforcer" nicknamed "Medved" (Bear) has been sentenced to 26 years; he will spend first 15 years in jail and the rest – in a high-security penal colony. In addition, he shall pay 900 thousand rubles in fines. Vladimir Romanov and Sergey Timofeev, criminal "colleagues" of "Rozhok" have been sentenced to 24 and 18 years respectively.

Based on the criminal case file, Rozhkov, earlier prosecuted for robbery, was released from prison in 2005. Unable to find another purpose in life, he returned to criminal activities and gathered a gang robbing rural cottages. If the owners resisted, they were killed.

After arrest of the gang, "Rozhok" was put to Pretrial Detention Center #4 where, based on some witnesses, gathered a gang to extort money from other detainees. Dozens of inmates became victims of the racketeers. Many of them committed suicide to evade abuses from "Rozhok". As a result, the number of suicides in the pretrial detention center has grown sharply in a short period of time.


The situation changed only after intervention by rights advocates and journalists. After media publications, Alexey Alexandrovich Khorev, lieutenant-colonel of interior service, head of the Pretrial Detention Center #4 was removed from post. Not only did the head of the prison not prevent, but even covered abuse of and extortion from inmates by the "prison mafia". The fate of Sergey "Malysh" (Lad) Shipantsev, who assisted "Rozhok" in racketeering detainees, has also changed drastically. Based on some sources, Shipantsev, an active member of "Luberetskie" gang, could earlier use a gadget to go on social networks. Furthermore, prison guards allowed him to move freely between cells. After the publication, the "Luberetsky bro" has been transferred to a pretrial detention center in Zelenograd.

Video: "enforcer" Rozhkov goes to jail.



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