Pzo arrived in Yerevan

Pzo arrived in Yerevan
Armen Kazaryan (Pzo)

Since the 1990s, the thief in law used to live in the United States.

Well-known thief in law Armen Kazaryan, nicknamed Pzo, arrived in Yerevan. This is reported by Sputnik-Armenia with reference to the website of the criminal chronicle shamshyan.com.

54-year-old mob flew to the Zvartnots airport from the US, where he was met by his family and friends.

His goals and time of stay are unknown.

Pzo, born in 1964 in Yerevan, became famous as the leader of a large local organized criminal group. He was crowned in 1991 in Rostov-on-Don, and since 1996 Kazaryan used to live in the United States. There he became famous as one of the organizers of multi-million theft from the Medicare federal program of voluntary medical insurance for people over 65.

The Medicare program lost about $163 million; a social health program for people with limited financial resources Medicaid also lost $50 million. According to some reports, part of the stolen funds was transferred to the common fund of the Ded Hasan's clan, whose supporter was Pzo.

Eventually, a giant scam with insurance was disclosed by the FBI agents: the agency charged a total of 78 defendants in the case. Kazaryan, who faced life imprisonment, signed a plea deal and admitted only one of the charges - racketeering. As a result, in February 2013, Pzo was sentenced to 37 months of arrest, a fine of $60.000 and confiscation of property, including a $600.000 house in California.

And since the term of arrest before the trial was offset, he was released. At the same time, the thief in law successfully escaped extradition to Armenia: Kazaryan received a green card as a refugee from Azerbaijan and could not be deported to Armenia. Now, after the change of power in Armenia, he was able to come to the country personally as a free citizen.



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