Pyza seizes Galsky district communal funds from Georgian crime lords

Pyza seizes Galsky district communal funds from Georgian crime lords
Raul Bartsba aka Pyza

The Gudautskaya gang crime lords – Raul Bartsba aka Pyza; Astamur Shamba aka Astik; Alkhas Avidzba aka Khasik – laid claim to the title of the No. 1 gang in Abkhazia's Galsky district that is on the border with Georgia.

The Gudautskaya OCG crime lords drove several dozen cars carrying at least 300 gangsters to Gali on June 15.

Pyza and his entourage demanded they be given the control over the Galsky district communal funds that had been supervised by Georgian crime lord Chiro Galskly's relative Giya Shoniya.

It is worth mentioning that the majority of the Galsky district population are of Georgian descent. So is a local resident and 62-year-old crime lord Murman Lemondzhava.

This is why Kakha Parpaliya, the Russian communal fund's supervisor, had to step in to prevent escalation. He authorized Pyza to take control of the Galsky district communal funds via the phone. The Galsky district communal funds have no financial significance for Parpaliya; Pyza needs them for political reasons.

Pyza wants to become the No. 1 crime lord in Abkhazia; he is actively extending his influence over the local criminal community.

There had been ten crime lords living in Abkhazia a year ago. Now there are only six; four of them are of Abkhazian decent. Pyza's henchmen Khasik and Astik are descendants of Abkhazian nobility; this means the local population will support Pyza who respects the local estates system. Meanwhile, the members of the criminal community outside of Abkhazia are not so fond of Pyza; he has several enemies. For example, there was a firefight between gangsters in Abkhazia on August 24. Pyza retaliated against Nika Gagrinsky and Rashad Gyandzhinsky, henchmen of Nadir Salifov aka Guli, wounding them. Salifov promised to ‘punish’ Pyza, Rosbalt reported in September 2017. When Salifov says something like that it means he is going to assassinate someone.



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