Purges of thieves in law swept Armenia

Purges of thieves in law swept Armenia
Gevorg Melikyan (Gevorik Oshakansky)

The situation has changed for local crime bosses after the revolution.

Today the Armenian police have conducted a large-scale operation throughout the country. The houses of thieves in law and criminal masterminds were rummaged. In particular, the siloviki ‘visited’ the crime lords Gevorg Melikyan (Gevorik Oshakansky), Artem Mikaelyan (Artem Gorissky), Artur (Tuy) Kanakersky, and kingpins known as Virabik and Kanevskoy.

The information on who of them has been detained is not known yet.

To recap, the cleanup of underworld began in the country in May this year after Nikol Pashinyan came to power. He was appointed Prime Minister of Armenia under the pressure of numerous demonstrations that took place in Yerevan.

The staff of the Armenian Police Department for Combatting Organized Crime and the Main Criminal Investigation Directorate detained local crime bosses by the score and held preventive talks with them, recommending them to stop engaging in their illegal activities.

Earlier, the Armenian police also thwarted a gathering of thieves in law, which was to take place in one of the Yerevan hotels. A day before that, the law enforcement agencies forced grandson of Aslan Usoyan (Ded Khasan) Irakly to leave the country.

Such stepped-up actions of the siloviki allowed some experts to surmise that regarding this the new authorities of Armenia want to take after neighboring Georgia, known for its effective battle against crime lords.

A veteran of law enforcement agencies told Sputnik Armenia there are now about 10-12 thieves in law in the country. Among the most active are Gevorg Melikyan (Gevorik Oshakansky), Suren Avetisyan (Suro Leninakansky), Rafael Khoetsyan (Afo), Zhirayr Brutyan (Zhiro), Alexander Makaryan (Alo), Norayr Piloyan (Koncho), as well as Samvel Arutyunyan (Maneti tkha Samo), who has recently returned from Ukraine, and Andranik Sogoyan (Zap), mostly living abroad. 



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