Protégé sent by either Guli or Lavasoglu Batumsky shots local activist 

Protégé sent by either Guli or Lavasoglu Batumsky shots local activist
Tornike Gerasin in the hospital

At the moment, police officers have cordoned off the hospital, where the suspect is receiving treatment.

An attempt to transfer Tornike Gerasin, who is suspected of an attempt at Odessa public activist Oleg Mikhaylik, from the hospital to a pre-trial detention center ended with a shindig. 

Last Saturday, an attempt was made on the life of Mikhaylik, who actively speaks against the city mayor, the police head, and the prosecutor. Uknown people took a few shots at him with firearms just outside of his house. The activist was wounded to the arm and chest and lost a lot of blood, but remained alive thanks to the prompt actions of neighbors and doctors of the hospital.

Активист Олег Михайлик

Activist Oleg Mikhaylik

A few days later, Ukrainian law enforcers detained three citizens of Georgia suspected of attacking Mikhaylik. According to a trusted source of one of the local media outlets, they were tracked down by phone signal from the crime scene. Firearms were seized from one of the detainees.

Shortly after that, journalists identified the attackers — the key suspect is a certain Tornike Gerasin (formerly known as Nagladze). Some sources say that he is an underboss in Kotovsky village (one of Odessa districts) on behalf of thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli), while others claim that he was sent by Mindiya Goradze (Lavasoglu Batusmky). Also, on the recommendation of Antimoz Kukhilava (Antimos), he was to be ‘crowned’ shortly. 

It is also known that he had been previously detained for firing shots at the activists of one of the patriotic organizations and veterans of Kyiv’s anti-terrorist operation. At the same time, he is associated with one of the former deputy heads of the local police.

Together with Gerasin, his brother Lasha Gerasin, as well as a certain Manuchar Varshanidze, were detained. 

Immediately after being detained, Tornike Gerasin was arrested, he claimed to suffer serious illness and was placed in the city hospital No. 1. Ironically, it was the same hospital, in which activist Mikhaylik was placed. 

September 25, it was reported that Prosecutor's Office of the Odessa region intends to ask the Court to elect arrest without the right to release on bail as a measure of restraint for the suspects.

After that, representatives of the Georgian diaspora started visiting the hospital; they expressed dissatisfaction with the possible transfer of Gerasin to the pre-trial detention center. They got into a fight with the police officers, who were guarding Gerasin. As a result, soldiers of the KORD special forces had to bring the situation under control. About twenty people were detained. They were brought to police stations for inspection. At the moment, the territory of the hospital is cordoned off by law enforcers.

Video: Mass fight involving police in Odessa: Georgians try to wrest suspects in Mikhaylik case from law enforcers



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