Prosecutor’s Office challenges acquittal of Nizhny Tagil crime lord associated with Ded Hasan’s murder

Prosecutor’s Office challenges acquittal of Nizhny Tagil crime lord associated with Ded Hasan’s murder
Sergey Bychkov

The lawyer of one of the defendants said that the appellate representation of the state prosecutor is “90% verbatim citations of the defense's petition demanding that the case be returned to the prosecutor.”

The Sverdlovsk Region Prosecutor’s Office has challenged the acquittal in the case of Nizhny Tagil residents – Sergey Bychkov, Roman Pogudin, and Andrey Ivanov – who had been charged with the murder of three persons, including that of crime lord Vladimir Mashinsky associated with Ded Hasan (Aslan Usoyan), committed in 2002. This is reported by

In late May, the Sverdlovsk Regional Court acquitted Bychkov, Ivanov, and Pogudin. Previously, a jury trial found them not guilty. All three were charged with item ‘g’, ‘h’ part 2 of Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code (Murder). Bychkov was also charged with Banditry (part 2 of Art. 209).

According to the investigation, it was Nizhny Tagil crime lord Emzar Arakelov (a member of the Ural thief in law Korogly Mamedov’s (Karo) OCG) who ordered the defendants to kill Mashinsky. Karo was responsible for Nizhny Tagil’s common fund. A little earlier, Вув Hasan had come to the city and discovered a shortage. Then the ‘underworld patriarch’ decided to pass the thieves’ fund to Mashinsky.

According to Pogudin’s testimony, Karo instructed Arakelov to eliminate the competitor. For this purpose, he hired the three defendants, as well as a member of his OCG, Aleksey Golovin. The assassins received $7,000 as advance payment and were promised to get the same amount after completing the assignment.

Vladimir Mashinsky was shot with an automatic rifle in the hair salon Maria on Vagonostroiteley Street in Nizhny Tagil on November 17, 2002. The bullets grazed the hairdresser, and she later died. The police were unable to track the killers in a hot pursuit.

Bychkov is also charged with the murder of certain Morozovsky at the Chaika recreation camp near Nizhny Tagil. The investigation believes that the victim owed Bychkov 300 thousand rubles ($4,749). Allegedly, the defendant took Morozovsky to the woods, hit him on the head with a hard blunt object, and set fire to his body.

After this murder, the investigation believes, Bychkov joined Arakelov’s gang, the members of which already included Ivanov and Pogudin. The gang would rob wagons that moved along the Serovsky tract. According to some sources, Bychkov became the guardian of the gang's arsenal.

Sometime after Mashinsky’s murder, the police detained Arakelov, Pogudin, Ivanov and other members of the group on charges of robbery attacks on truckers. The murder of Mashinsky and the hairdresser was not in the case materials. Bychkov’s place was searched, but the investigators found nothing. In addition, he decided to cooperate with the investigation, indicating the location of a cache with weapons.

The capture of the suspects was reported as late as in February 2016. At the trial, Roman Pogudin said that he had slandered his alleged accomplices. In exchange for this, he said, the investigators promised to release him on parole. Bychkov called the case a complete frame-up. The jury made a decision about his innocence, which was subsequently challenged by the Sverdlovsk Prosecutor's Office. The supervisory authority demanded that the case be returned to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Bychkov’s lawyer Igor Isaev noted that during the process, the defense filed a petition with a request to return the case to the Prosecutor's Office six times, but the state prosecutor objected. According to Isaev, the state prosecutor’s appellate representation was “90% verbatim citations of the defense's petition.”

According to the press service of the Sverdlovsk Regional Court, the time limit for challenging the appellate representation of the Prosecutor's Office is June 18.



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