Prosecutor drops charges against martial arts coach in Ovchina case  

Prosecutor drops charges against martial arts coach in Ovchina case
Nikita Maltsev (far right)

Nikita Maltsev had been detained on suspicion of involvement in kidnapping and homicide.

Nikita Maltsev, an ex-coach of Yekaterinburg wrestling club "Hrabr" said the charges against him have been dropped, reported. The press service of the Sverdlovsk Investigative Committee is yet to comment on the case, however.

Earlier it was reported that the Sverdlovsk Investigative Committee chose not to go to the Leninsky District Court of Yekaterinburg with another petition for Maltsev’s arrest.

Sverdlovsk Crime Unit detained Maltsev on May 30 suspecting him of involvement in kidnapping and murder. Another person involved in the investigation is the well-known Urals kingpin of the 80’s who belongs to the Sinie gang. His name is Andrei Ovchinnikov aka Ovchina ("Sheepskin"). Alexei Dubovoy, the founder of boxing school "Atlant", is a person of interest, too. Both of them have been in jail since the beginning of this year. The defendants allegedly kidnapped Anatoly Pletukhov, the manager of the parking lot on Grazhdanskaya Street in Yekaterinburg’s Zheleznodorozhny district on October 19, 2017. The criminals forced him into a silver VAZ-2109 and took him to the north of the city. No one has seen Pletukhov since then.

Андрей Овчинников (Овчина)

Andrey Ovchinnikov (Ovchina)

Maltsev has been locked up before: he was suspected of extortion on January 13, 2017. He asked a bookmaker office for 1.2 million rubles and promised they would get their equipment back after Internal Affairs officers had seized it. Of course, the athlete had no say in the MIA, so his actions were considered swindling on an especially large scale. The Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Yekaterinburg is still considering that case.

Besides, the Hrabr athletes have been involved in some criminal showdowns, the most notorious of which was in September 2016 in Yekaterinburg’s Tsygansky Village. Two members of the club were killed in it, Kirill Shtripling and Ilya Tashimov.



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