Prosecuted designer in Shakro Molodoy’s case disproves staging her own death

Prosecuted designer in Shakro Molodoy’s case disproves staging her own death
Fatima Misikova

Fatima Misikova, who has been hiding from the investigation, did not attempt to stage her own death for law enforcement officers. Her lawyer claims she has even managed to officially register Atelie 8 LLC in her name.

One of the main defendants in the high-profile case of a shootout on Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow in December 2015, designer Fatima Misikova has filed a request to Head of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) Alexander Bastrykin.

Fatima Misikova was indicted in the summer of 2016. She was charged in absentia with extortion, and also arrested in absentia, and put on the international wanted list. Since then, Misikova has been hiding from the investigation. The request has been sent through her lawyer Valentin Bytensky.

In the request, Misikova and her lawyer ask the investigation to clarify the situation with the staging of her death. It was reported that the defendant in the case of a shootout on Rochdelskaya Street had tried to convince others of her own death. Misikova allegedly took steps to pass the charred corpse of a transient woman as her own. The body was later identified by the relatives of the deceased, but for six months Misikova had been considered dead.

Misikova’s lawyer told RBC that his client categorically refutes this information. In March, she officially registered Atelie 8 LLC in her name. She used her documents until mid-June, Bytensky said. Passport stamps made by border guard services in Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports prove it.

"Kindly provide information on whether the fact of Fatima Misikova’s faked death actually took place," Bytensky writes in his request sent to the ICR on December 13.

Fatima Misikova is a well-known Moscow interior designer (who worked on such projects as Artwin gallery and Aragvi restaurant). A year ago she became the instigator of the notorious shootout on Rochdelskaya Street, which served as the basis for a number of high-profile criminal cases.

The designer had a conflict with the owner of the Elements restaurant Janna Kim about the payment for the services rendered in the amount of 8 million rubles. As a result, a gang of Andrey Kochuykov (also known as Italian, the right hand of a crowned thief Shakro Molodoy) came to help Misikova and clashed with a group of lawyer’s from Eduard Budantsev’s legal company. Budantsev himself was armed with a pistol, killing two people in the ensuing massacre. Budantsev, Kochuykov and Romanov were detained at the scene, but the lawyer was soon placed under house arrest.


Zakhar Kalashov

As part of this case, in July, law enforcers arrested Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy). On December 14, the Tverskoy Court of Moscow extended his term of arrest until March 15.

High-ranking ICR officers Mikhail Maksimenko, Denis Nikandrov, and Alexander Lamonov were detained and placed in pre-trial detention center on suspicion of taking bribes. Three criminal investigators from the Presnensky MIA office were also detained as part of this case. They stand accused of negligence.

Fatima Misikova also has influential relatives. Her father and brother own the notorious Sofiyskaya vegetable warehouse in St. Petersburg. Officially called the Neva vegetable warehouse (Nart CJSC), it is one of the largest players in the segment of wholesale trade in the North-West region. Since 2002, the owner of Nart CJSC, according to an extract from the state register, has been a native of Beslan, Taimuraz Ladeevich Misikov. His deputy is his son Ruslan Misikov, better known to the general public as the famous pilot and racer. He owns a non-profit partnership Nart-Time and a sports car club of the same name. Conflicts occur frequently at the vegetable warehouse. In June 2016, there was a murder of a local businessman, which has not yet been solved.



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