Prominent businessman from Pichuga gang in custody

Prominent businessman from Pichuga gang in custody
Alexey Rokhlin Photo: Mariya Shumeyko/BNK

Earlier, thief in law Yuri Puchugin and 6 members of his gang were arrested.

The Syktyvkar Court on the petition of the investigation arrested Alexey Rokhlin, the owner of the city central market. The businessman is suspected of involvement in the criminal group of Yuri Pichugin (Pichuga).

It should be noted that on February, 20 the detention period of Rokhlin, unlike the one of other defendants in the case, was extended for 72 hours in connection with what he said about diseases preventing detention. However, during the re-examination of the investigator the court was presented a medical report on the absence of such kind of diseases.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, the businessman was detained along with thief in law Yuri Pichugin and his assistants - Sergey Soldatov, Hadis Azizov and Maxim Abubakarov. Apart from them other members of Pichuga’s group were also detained: Oktay Efendiev, Sergey Vanuito and Ahmed Isaev. The court took all the defendants in the case into custody for two months.

The roles of each of them are still to be found out, but we already know that the Hadis Azizov was the right hand of Pichuga, serving as treasurer and coordinating the activities of the members in the absence of the leader.

In addition, it became known that in a hunting lodge in the territory Knyazhpogostsky District security forces arrested another person involved in the criminal case – Alexander Egorov. In the near future the measure of restraint will be determined for him. Two other suspects – Makhach Azizov and Victor Karpov were put on the federal wanted list.

The criminal proceedings against Pichuga and other detainees took place based on materials relating to their acts committed back in 90s. According to the investigation, the criminal created a criminal group in the Komi with the aim to patronize businessmen. In the 2000s the bandits began to launder money obtained by criminal means through the legal business: catering, entertainment and services, passenger transport, timber companies. The investigation believes that former athletes and former officers of law enforcement agencies and special units of the Russian Armed Forces were also involved in the crime gang. As for Pichugin, in criminal circles he was called one of the main candidates for the place of thief number 1 Shakro Molodoy.  



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