Primorye: case initiated after sex education lesson with underboss as lecturer

Primorye: case initiated after sex education lesson with underboss as lecturer

The school principal faces a fine.

There has been a new development in the big story surrounding a lesson in a village school with the participation of an underboss. The day before, it was reported that a case of an administrative offense had been initiated against the director of the Mikhaylovsky district school. 

According to a Prosecutor General's Office representative, Aleksandr Kurennoy, the prosecutor has issued a plea to the school director and the head of the Mikhailovsky district in connection with “the unreasonable interruption of the educational process and non-compliance with the access control.” 

“A case of an administrative offense under part 1 of Art. 5.57 of the Russian Code of Administrative Offences (Violation of the Right to Education and the Rights and Freedoms, Stipulated by Legislation of the Russian Federation in the Field of Education) has been initiated against the principal, and it will be referred to court for consideration,” he said. 

Now the director faces a fine from 30 to 50 thousand rubles ($458 - 763). 

A check revealed that three locals (one of whom was called ‘underboss’ by the media) did give a lecture on sex education to students. The lecture was conducted during study time. Kurennoy noted that the so-called lecturers had “nothing to do with the crime prevention system bodies, which would have the right, in agreement with the school and without prejudice to the educational process, to conduct such conversations.” 

The fact that swear words were used during the lectures was also confirmed. An administrative protocol under part 1 of Art. 20.1 of the Russian Code Of Administrative Offences (Disorderly Conduct) has been filed against the man who sweared.

To recall, it was previously reported that local crime lords had read a lecture on sexual orientation to children. Parents learned about the meeting with crime lords in the village school from their children, and then published this story on Pikabu.

According to the witnesses, the gangsters explained to the boys “what not to do in life,” and “what would have happened to them in prison” if they’d had intimate relations with each other.

“Yesterday, the former school principal and now head of the rural settlement administration invited local gangsters (everybody knows them) to the school. The woman was running around the school (thus sabotaging the school process) inviting all boys from grades 5 to 7 to attend the lecture. The boys whose parents work in the school were not invited. The deputy head of the educational department helped her. As a result, all children were gathered in the school hall. The only adults present were the director, ex-director, PE teacher, and that’s it. Plus, there were those gangsters. The director introduced the invited lecturers — meet our village’s underboss; they are your male role models in his world, children,” the publication said.

It is noted that children were forbidden to tell parents and teachers about the meeting, yet the incident still became known.



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