President of Armenia feasts with Ded Hasan in thieves’ gathering 

President of Armenia feasts with Ded Hasan in thieves’ gathering
Serge Sargsyan on the thieves' gathering

The video that confirms the close ties of Serge Sargsyan with the tip of the criminal world is posted.⁠

Armenian blogger Artsruni Avetisyan posted a video, on which Armenian President Serjik Sargsyan is feasting with thieves in law Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan), Razmik Amoyan (Chako) and other representatives of the criminal world. It is unknown what event is celebrated in the restaurant. However, the published video shows close ties of Sargsyan with the tip of the criminal world. The action, according to the date, took place on 28th May, 1993.

Serge Sargsyan began the Armenian Defense Minister immediately after this meeting - in August 1993. In this position he was able to stop the Karabakh conflict in 1994. However, as sources are assured, namely authorities solved the issues of arms' supply during the war, so Serjik Sargsyan met with them regularly.

Дед Хасан

Ded Hasan

According to some reports, Ded Hasan contributed to his successful career up to Sargsyan's presidency. In 2008, Serge Sargsyan was elected the President of Armenia and re-elected in 2013. All this time, statements about the links of the Armenian President with criminals were repeatedly made, and this video proves it.

Aslan Usoyan, who was called 'the patriarch of a criminal world', was killed in the winter of 2013 in the center of Moscow. After that the redistribution of the underworld began, in which dozens of thieves in law lost their 'crowns'.

Previously, the CrimeRussia reported that on one of the same video from the 90th member of the Edinaya Rossiya and businessman Zelimkhan Mutsoev was seen. Now, his representatives are actively trying to destroy all evidence of relations with the criminal world, which are found on the Internet. On the videos it's filmed the birthday celebration of killed in the dashing '90s in Moscow thief in law Rudolf Oganov (Rudik Bakinsky). It is evident that in the feast, held in December 1997, Mutsoev was presented. His company is consisted of thieves in law: Givi Gordeladze (Givi Tbilissky), brothers Jemal (Dzhemo) and Mamuka Mikeladzes and Roman Jafarov (Romik Kurd).

Video: President of Armenia feasts with Ded Hasan in thieves’ gathering



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