Potential participants of Shakro Molodoy’s OCG gathered in Lefortovo 

Potential participants of Shakro Molodoy’s OCG gathered in Lefortovo
Batyr Bekmuradov

Six employees of PSF Zashitnik, controlled by thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy), were transferred to the detention center Lefortovo. Now, including new arrivals, the detention facility contains at least 16 people aligned with Shakro's case over organization of the OCG.

This information was confirmed to RIA Novosti by lawyer of one of the arrested Gary Mirzoyan. It is unknown for what reason prisoners were transferred to a pre-trial detention center.

It is worth noting that among those arrested there is an employee of the private security firm (PSF) - vice-president of the union of Russian paratroopers and former official of the Moscow Region Batyr Bekmurado, who, according to the investigation, actually heads PSF Zashitnik, guarding kingpin Kalashov. Like him, other employees of the PSF, his deputy and former FSO officer Alexander Golubev and guards Vadim Prokhorov, Zelimkhan Patiev, Alexey Maksimov and Yan Sorokin were arrested last year on charges of extorting 10 million rubles from the businessman.

Employees of Zashitnik are defendants in several criminal cases involving Shakro Molodoy, who stays in Lefortovo. In summer, with a court-appointed arrest there were placed three high-ranking ICR employee - Denis Nikandrov, Mikhail Maksimenko and Alexander Lamonov. 


They are charged with bribe-taking from Shakro Molodoy for mitigating charges to closest henchmen of the kingpin Andrey Kochuykov (Italian), who is arrested in the case of a shootout in the Elements restaurant on Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow.

Italian is also in Lefortovo, as well as detained with him Nikolay Nikolaev, Eduard Romanov and builders Gerson Hamidov and Savely Ganovichev. Former MIA Colonel Evgeny Surzhikov, who was on Rochdelskaya as a senior guard of Italian, but did not participate in the dismantling is also in the same detention facility.


Andrey Kochuykov

In Lefortovo Shakro Molodoy is placed. Recall that the case against Zakhar Kalashov was instituted by the Investigative Department of the FSB upon the rare for the Russian jurisprudence article - part 4 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code, which punishes Organization of a Criminal Community by person occupying the highest position in the criminal hierarchy. At present, the issue of the initiation the new criminal case upon the seizure of the casino Golden Palace and Crystal in the 1990s is at play.


Zakhar Kalashov

It is worth noting that none of the larger group of detained in cases related to Kalashov has been charged with participation in a criminal organization, the penalty for which is set in Art. 210 of the Criminal Code. Only one of the detainees, Nikolaev, has recently been accused of Banditry (Article 209 of the Criminal Code), others are suspected of extortion, bribery and negligence.

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