Pop-singer threatens fan with thief in law

Pop-singer threatens fan with thief in law
Katie Topuria

The girl responded to the tart words against her father.

Famous singer Katie Topuria, thief in law Andro Topuria’s daughter, threatened one of her Instagram fans, who left tart words about her father, as well as her lover - rapper Guf.

Katie posted a photo and wished her followers good night: “The day has passed. Good night, punks!”

The singer’s statement was perceived ambiguously, and one of the users mentioned the father of Topuria: “It’s funny when the daughter of a kingpin and a lover of a gangsta rapper turn to the police for help,” wrote the man. (Katie accompanied Guf when he wrote a statement over beating in one of the Moscow clubs - Ed.).

As a rule, Topuria ignored negative comments but reacted this time.

“It will be funny if the friends of the thief in law will come to you,” she noted.

The singer's comment has collected a thousand likes in less than a day.

Recall that father of the singer Andro Topuria, known in the criminal world under the nickname Andro, died in 2010 from a drug overdose. Katie never denied that her parent was the thief in law.

For several years she was married to Leo Geihman. After the divorce, she began dating rapper Guf.



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