Police officers meet train with thief in law Nazar

Police officers meet train with thief in law Nazar
Aleksey Nazarov (aka Nazar)

Nizhny Novgorod's thief in law arrived in Moscow for treatment.

Moscow police officers have detained a ‘thief in law’ Aleksey Nazarov (known as Nazar in the criminal world) at Moscow’s Kursky railway station. The 42-year-old ‘thief’ arrived in Moscow from Nizhny Novgorod for treatment on the high-speed train Strizh. Before he got to do his errands, police investigators ‘summoned’ him to the transit police for interrogation, especially since he has never been on the radar of law enforcement since his ‘coronation’ in 2014.

However, Nazarov - when asked if he was a ‘thief in law’ - said he would not answer a question like that.

- Are you embarrassed? - Police officer made a joke.

- I don’t consider this discussion worthy. - The ‘thief’ retorted.

As for the purpose of his visit to Moscow, Nazarov clarified that he needed thoroughgoing treatment: surgery to remove a brain tumor; that’s why he came to Moscow - to be hospitalized to the Hospital n.a. Burdernko.

The ‘thief in law’ got his only sentence in 1996 on charges of extortion. He was ‘crowned’ in Greece 5 years ago upon the recommendation of and through the kind offices of such highly regarded ‘thieves in law’ as Vazha Biganishvili (aka Vazha Tbilissky) and David Sebiskveradze (aka Dato Kutaissky), as well as other representatives of the highest hierarchy of ‘thieves in law’ of the Greek clan.

With that, no aggressive play as a ‘thief in law’ has been performed by Nazar in all this time: he lives in a village and is interested in hunting and breeding of sporting dogs.

After ‘thief in law’ Vladimir Vagin (aka Vagon) passed away under mysterious circumstances in a colony last year, at the present time, Nizhny Novgorod region is being represented by seven ‘thieves in law’: besides Nazar, they are Vladislav Leontiev (aka Vladik Bely), Sergey Razzhivin (aka Seka), Andrey Gamvlevsky (aka Hamlet), Igor Novikov (aka Novik), Vasily Khristoforov (aka Vasya Voskres) and Viktor Zharinov (aka Caesar).

Seka is the only one of them who is serving his sentence now; his term is about to end in a year. Bely and Hamlet had emigrated. There appeared questions to Hamlet in Nizhny Novgorod, so he had to flee to Greece. Vasya Voskres has been a Moscow citizen for many year. Caesar is the one who has the juice in the region, with his influence being spread nationwide. It is unclear why it was necessary to ‘crown’ another ‘thief’ in the region.



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