Police make progress in fight against crowned thieves – Moscow Police Commissioner

Police make progress in fight against crowned thieves – Moscow Police Commissioner
Igor Zinovyev

The key point of the fight against code-bound criminals should be about undermining their economic support, Moscow Police Commissioner Anatoly Yakunin stated.⁠

On May 25, the Moscow police held an in-depth discussion at the Petrovka 38 office on topical issues of combating organized crime, including ethnic criminal groups, which treat the capital city as their honeypot.

The focus was on the 4-monthly Moscow police report since the beginning of 2016, prepared by the head of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department Igor Zinoviev. According to the officer, during this time period the police had stopped the illegal activities of 58 criminal groups and prosecuted 213 of their active members. In February, the law enforcement officers detained a Georgian gang whose members robbed wealthy Muscovites while they were transporting large sums of money. During a special operation in May, the police detained gang members, who forced local taxi drivers to pay illegal taxes and extorted from the Moscow businessmen. The group consisted of Central Asia natives. The hand of justice also reached an organized criminal group, which consisted of residents from Perm, the Yamalo-Nenets Region, the Sverdlovsk Region and the North Caucasus Federal District, as well as from the countries of the South Caucasus. Some of them were prolific offenders, whose only trade in the capital was extortion. The perpetrators demanded more than 100 million rubles from one of the victims. All 8 participants of the criminal gang were arrested.

At the same time, head of the Moscow police committee Anatoly Yakunin mentioned that in 2012 it had been decided to increase the staff of Operation and Search Division № 6 for the Fight against Organized Crime under the Criminal Investigation Department. Such divisions had also been formed in the regional police offices, as well as in the economic sector.

— There can be no fallbacks to the 90s [a period when the mafia had much influence on the society in Russia], not under the current strong state power, Yakunin noted.

On another note, Yakunin turned the attention of the police to the crowned thieves, who have a habit of staying in Moscow almost every week. Yakunin noted that police have been making some progress in fight against code-bound criminals, but there should be more emphasis put on undermining their economic support.



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