Police detain mob Gevorik Oshakansky's brother

Police detain mob Gevorik Oshakansky's brother
Gevorik Oshakansky

Cannabis was found in his house in Yerevan.

Police officers of Armenia brought the brother of Gevork Melikyan (Gevorik Oshakansky) - Sasha Melikyan aka Turok - to the department. Shamshyan.com reports.

The day before, department employees and the Aragatsotn regional police department found 40 hemp shoots in 3 flower pots, as well as hemp bushes in one of the houses in the village of Oshakan.

As a result, the 63-year-old owner of the house, Sasha Melikyan, was brought to the police station, he also enjoys authority in the criminal world.

Earlier searches were also held in the mob's apartment. A hunting rifle was found and seized. Then Gevorik Oshakansky declared that his wife owns the weapon. The seized weapons were sent for examination. The security forces visited Melikyan during a preventive raid this spring when the police raided the house of about a dozen kingpins.



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