Police caught thief in law with corpse in his car’s trunk in St. Petersburg

Police caught thief in law with corpse in his car’s trunk in St. Petersburg
The thief in law Damir Ufimsky

In the Friday evening on August 19, a 51-year-old Damir Timurgaleev, known in the criminal world as a thief in law Damir Ufimsky, was arrested in St. Petersburg.

Law enforcement agencies spent over two months on catching the criminal after a corpse had been found in his car's trunk.

Not so long ago, the law enforcement agencies delivered Damir Timurgaleev in the Petrograd Court. The criminal investigation officers brought him to the capital of the North from Sochi, where the detainee had managed to get sun-kissed while on the run from the police. His acquaintance Ruslan, the second defendant in the murder case, was also taken to the courthouse.

According to investigative bodies, the men murdered a 54-year-old St. Petersburg resident Khusainov in his apartment at 29 Maly Prospekt. To get rid of the body, they wrapped the body in a blanket, brought it outside and loaded into the Mersedes car owned by the victim.

The investigative agencies added that the dead man had been repeatedly prosecuted in the past. His partially decomposed body with a broken nose was found on the night of June 5.

During investigations, the law enforcement officers found that Damir Ufimsky was not the direct perpetrator of killing. When the crime was committed, he only helped to remove the body from the apartment. The investigators drew these conclusions once they collected fingerprints, footprints and biomaterials from the victim’s apartment.

It should be noted, that the 51-year-old Ufa native was last released from prison in 2013. He had been convicted of various crimes. Moreover, he had multiple escapes from colonies on his account.

The law enforcement agencies also pointed out that Damir Ufimsky hid in Sochi before, when he was sought out for committing the previous crimes.



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