Picture of Chechens beaten by Ruslan Zugdidsky's people hits web

Picture of Chechens beaten by Ruslan Zugdidsky's people hits web
Chechens beaten in a Tuva prison mosque

A blogger nicknamed Rasul Abud Asad has posted a picture of two victim parishioners of a prison mosque in one of the Tuvan colonies, who had been attacked by a large group of inmates led by thief in law Ruslan Gegechkori, known as Shlyapa-mladshy and Ruslan Zugdidsky.

No names have been released. "Brothers, who have been attacked by bandits in a Tuva prison," says the caption.

Let us recall that a mass fight took place in one of the prisons of Tuva in mid-February. During the conflict between the Chechen and Dagestani diaspora, Shlyapa-mladshy made an insulting remark against the Chechens, for which he received a blow to the jaw. Some time later, about 20 inmates who submit to the authority of the thief in law broke into the prison mosque and beat Zugdidsky's offenders. It is reported that they suffered serious injuries, and one of them had his arm broken. The mosque also suffered serious damage.



The incident has not gone unnoticed. Chechnya and Dagestan representatives have expressed strong views in the social networks in this regard, promising they would not let anybody get away with that. Threats concerned not only Shlyapa-mladshy, but also his father,  thief in law Roland Gegechkori, as well as other thieves in law from the clan, which, according to the CrimeRussia, include Gela Kardava (Gela) and Merab Mzarelua (Duyake).



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