Pichuga had a day of freedom

Pichuga had a day of freedom
Yuri Pichugin (Pichuga)

Lawyers of 'code-bound criminal' Yuri Pichugin managed to reduce the term of his detention.

The Supreme Court of Komi on March 6 in general upheld the decision of the Syktyvkar City Court on Yuri Pichugin's arrest (Pichuga), reducing his term only by one day. Thus, the appeal of the defense of the defendant in creation and participation in an organized criminal society was not satisfied –he will stay under arrest till April 17.

Before the meeting, lawyer of Pichugin Alexander Vershinin petitioned for a prohibition on photofilming, referring to words of Russian President Vladimir Putin: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, our president, once said that it is not necessary to organize a show”, he noted. And the court supported him in it - this time defendant was not filmed.

Regarding directly meeting essences, the lawyer motivated the claim with the fact that the Syktyvkar City Court which appointed arrest had no enough bases for election of a measure of restraint. Besides his term was incorrectly calculated - from the moment of detention Pichugin should stay under arrest not for two months, but for 1 month and 28 days. And case, according to the defense, was initiated illegally, based on indications about events of 1990-2000 of six secret witnesses, a part of which is already dead.

Vershinin called the resolution on initiation of legal proceedings Godfather novel. As in it nothing is told about time, the place and circumstances of the crime.

According to Pichuga’s defense, his detention was also illegal - as the right of defense was violated. Besides, Pichugin’s criminal records are already extinguished.

Defense has already discovered procedural violations: the investigation did not provide proofs of storage by Pichugin of weapon. And in spite of the fact that Pichugin visited his mother in Syktyvkar, he was not called for interrogation for some reason.

To recall, on February 20 this year the Syktyvkar City Court took Pichugin into custody for two months. Together with him seven more expected participants of a criminal society were arrested. And two persons involved in criminal case Makhacha Azizov and Victor Karpov were put on the federal wanted list.

On February 18, the famous 'code-bound criminal' was detained in Moscow and delivered to Syktyvkar. In parallel in different places detentions of other members of criminal group were carried out.

According to the investigation, since 1994 the criminal group created by Pichugin was engaged in Komi in business 'protection', plunders, assaults and swindle. In the 2000th the criminals through legal business (spheres of public catering, leisure and services, and also passenger both cargo transportation and logging) began to legalize the means acquired in the illegal way.



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