Pichuga's indictment to be aggravated

Pichuga's indictment to be aggravated
Yuri Pichugin

The gang of the thief is involved in murders.

New charges, including grave and especially grave ones, such as murders and economic ones, will be imposed on thief in law Yuri Pichugin (Pichuga) and members of his gang detained in February this year together with him, Head of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Komi republic Andrey Isayev told TASS. 

Now Pichuga and his accomplices are charged under Art. 210 and 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. They are suspected of creating a criminal community, participating in it as well as of illicit acquisition, transfer and storage of firearms, its parts and ammunition. 

According to Isaev, at present the investigation is in the active phase of gathering evidence and will last about a year.

He also said that the time for detaining members of the organized crime group and its leader was not chosen accidentally - law enforcement officers obtained information that some of them were going to leave Russia. Therefore, it was decided to detain at least the backbone of the gang, taking into account the evidence collected at that time, Isayev noted.

According to the Head of the Investigative Directorate, Pichugin's gang turned out to be more complex than other criminal groups in Komi, for example, Loginovtsy or Vorkuta group of Ifa-Kozlov, the members of which have already been convicted. Actually while working on them the law enforcers closed in on Pichuginskie, having prepared the basis for the current criminal case. Both the regional siloviki and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as the Investigative Committee and the FSB of Russia took part in it. Isayev highly estimated the results of their activities, noting that there were no considerable leaks of information and failures.  

Rosfinmonitoring was involved as well as the gang had interregional importance and sometimes money flew abroad. Currently 10 million rubles on accounts and in cash, seized during searches, as well as real estate and vehicles are arrested. 

Influential thief in law Yuri Pichuga was arrested on February 20, 2017 on charges of creating a criminal community, as well as of illicit sale of firearms and ammunition. Now he is in Moscow pre-trial detention center Lefortovo. At the same another alleged members of his gang were detained - Alexey Rokhlin, Khadis Azizov, Maxim Abubakarov, Sergey Soldatov, Oktay Efendiyev, Sergey Vanuyto, Akhmed Isaev, Alexander Egorov. Two other defendants in the case - Makhach Azizov and Viktor Karpov - managed to run away from the siloviki during detentions. 

According to the investigation, since 1994 the gang of Pichuga has been complicit in Komi in covering business, embezzlement, robberies and swindling. In the 2000-s the criminal started to legalise the illegally obtained money through legal business (catering, entertainment and services, carriage of passengers, timber)



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