Pichuga in custody

Pichuga in custody
Yuri Pichugin Photo: News agency Komiinform / Anton Parkhachev

The same preventive measure was chosen for three members of his gang.

The Syktyvkar City Court arrested crime boss Yuri Pichugin (Pichuga), previously detained on suspicion of creating a criminal organization and participation in it, as well as of the illegal possession of weapons.

According to the press service of the Investigative Committee in the Komi Republic, Pichugin’s assistants Hadis Azizov, Maxim Abubakarov and Sergey Soldatov were detained together with him for two months. The day before the similar measure of restraint was chosen in relation to another defendants in the case – Oktay Efendiev, Sergey Vanuito and Ahmed Isaev. Besides, the court rejected the request of the investigation concerning businessman Alexey Rokhlin. The term of his detention was extended for 72 hours.

The roles of each of those arrested are still to be clarified, but we already know that Hadis Azizov was the right hand of Pichuga, serving as treasurer and coordinating activities of the group members in the absence of the leader. Apart from distribution of cash flows of the group, he also helped families of those members of the group who found themselves in prison.

Furthermore, it was found out that in a hunting lodge in the territory of Knyazhpogostsky district security forces arrested another person involved in the criminal case – Alexander Egorov. In the near future the court will also have to consider the claim of the investigator in reference to him on the election of a preventive measure in the form of detention.

Two other suspects – Makhach Azizov and Victor Karpov were issued a federal wanted notice.

Criminal proceedings against Pichuga and other detainees took place based on materials relating to their acts committed back in 90s. According to the investigation, the criminal created a criminal group in the Komi with the aim to "commit grave and extremely grave crimes to obtain financial and other physical benefits". Former athletes and former officers of law enforcement agencies and special units of the Russian Armed Forces were also involved in the crime gang.



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