Petso leaves country

Petso leaves country
Rezo Bukhnikashvili (Petso)

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Tatarstan recognized the earlier decision to release the thief in law Rezo Bukhnikashvili from prison.

Rezo Bukhnikashvili aka Petso was deported from Russia after having been released from jail due to a deadly disease.

The decision to deport the thief was made back in June 2017, before the official decision to release Petso. Policemen read out the verdict by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Mikhail Vanichkin stating that Bukhnikashvili was unwelcome in the country. According to investigators, he took the news of a forcible expulsion with his usual coolness.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs did not name the country the thief was deported to. However, according to some sources, he was deported to his homeland, Georgia.

As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan had recognized the decision of the Volga district court of Kazan to release Rezo Bukhnikashvili on August 1. The decision to free the 65-year-old criminal on parole was provoked by an oncological disease he had been diagnosed with. The local prosecutor's office opposed the measure, stating that the deadly disease had not stopped the thief from violating the regime.

In 2015, Rezo Bukhnikashvili was sentenced to a 22-year prison term for robbing a businessman's apartment in Moscow and an attempt to kill a few policemen. In December 2014, the thief in law and three of his accomplices broke into the apartment, tied the lady of the house, two women and a man. The neighbors heard the noise and called the police. When police arrived, the burglars opened fire, wounding two policemen; two Petso’s men were killed.



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