Persecution of thieves in Russia to end in bloody lawlessness by DPR rebels? Experts speak about redivision of criminal world

Persecution of thieves in Russia to end in bloody lawlessness by DPR rebels? Experts speak about redivision of criminal world

After Shishkan was imprisoned, the "Slavic wing" came under pressure.

Thieves in law and their criminal environment turned out to be under unprecedented pressure on the territory of Russia, which, probably, have never been experienced in their entire history, and all thanks to the new criminal article "On occupying a higher position in the criminal hierarchy." So, this August, following Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan) 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation has been brought against a number of thieves: Akhmed Sutuly, Tsyrkach, Kuso, Alfasona, and Ogonyok.

Lawyer and writer Ivan Mironov told reporters how a new “anti-theft” article will redivide the criminal world and what it will bring to ordinary people. In particular, he pointed to the danger of “returnees” from the Donbass. 


Writer Ivan Mironov

According to Mironov, only a Slavic thief can take the place of Shishkan. If this “Slavic wing” is occupied by Georgians, Azerbaijanis or Chechens, then disputes will begin with representatives of other national minorities of the criminal world. The author is sure that Georgians and Azerbaijanis will never recognize Chechens, and vice versa. But it is already customary to put up with the crime boss of the Slavic group. It is on the “Slavic wing” that they pin their hopes on establishing peace in the multinational criminal community. Mironov claims that it is difficult to guess which of the “Slavs” will sit in Shishkan's place, perhaps it will be Vasily Khristoforov, known as Voskres. He is a person close to Shishkan.


Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan)

Other experts, however, say that Nadir Salifov (Guli) has every chance to lead the "Slavs," Azerbaijanis are rich and very influential. But the question is, will the “Slavic thieves” go under him?

According to Mironov, Slavic groups were always strong, since they viewed Russia not as a feed base, but as their native land. As an example, the author cites the following fact: according to his data, none of the Slavic thieves known to him knows another language in addition to Russian. He is sure that the thieves from the "Slavic wing" would prefer to go to jail for 20 years rather than leave for a foreign land.

But the "Slavic thieves" still have a way out of the situation – to give key positions to the thieves in custody. This strategy has a number of advantages in connection with article 120.1 – to those who are already in prison, it is more difficult to get close and throw in additional 20 years, according to the new law.

There is a third option, unknown people will take the leading positions in the criminal hierarchy. This has already happened with Ded Hasan – in order to strengthen his own positions, he increased the number of thieves in law. Among these people there were those who, not that they didn’t "wind up" for a term, but had never even been in jail. But now it’s hardly possible that a person without a criminal record would get crowned and put himself at risk of sitting down for 20 years.


Nadir Salifov (Guli)

The writer is also confident that such persecution of thieves will lead to the strengthening of youth groups, including scumbag athletes, who can cause mass riots and do completely unpredictable things in the form of fierce attacks, robberies and killings. Previously, such people were suppressed by thieves. 

Mironov recalled that while the arrest of Shakro Molodoy can be perceived as the internal intrigues of the thieves' world, the state made a demonstration of the arrest of Shishkanov.

The lawyer is also convinced that the persecution of thieves will result in migratory crime. He is worried that the war in Donbass has formed from the participating in it mercenaries and militias gangs of thugs who will soon come to our country. Moreover, Russian passports are issued to Ukrainian citizens, which will make their stay on Russian soil completely legal. Because of the military adrenaline "berserk" they are not afraid of either "thieves", or prison, or even death.

In fact, the conflict in DLNR formed a new criminal sector. Plus, these guys are armed to the teeth, in their republics they are hungry "for a good life" and will look for it in Russia, the expert said.

Ivan Mironov asks the authorities a question: are they ready to regulate crime in a new dramatically changed reality?



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