Perm crime lord ‘extorted’ another jail term

Perm crime lord ‘extorted’ another jail term
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He, along with his accomplice, threatened to behead a realtor because of 410 thousand rubles ($6.4 thousand).

The criminal lord from the city of Tchaikovsky, Perm Krai, Leonid Churuto and his accomplice Ruslan Sakhipov were found guilty of Extortion on a large scale (item (d), part 2 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code). Threatening to sever the head with an entrenching shovel, they demanded 410 thousand rubles ($6.4 thousand) from the director of the local realtor agency, Tatyana Pelikan.

Tchaikovsky City Court sentenced Churuto to 4.5 years in a strict-security colony and a fine of 30.000 rubles ($472.4), Kommersant informs.

In November 2016, Churuto asked Pelikan to sell the house with a lot owned by one of his friends. After the deal was completed, he demanded a part of the proceeds from the sale, since the owner ostensibly owed the crime boss. After Churuto and Sakhipov began to pursue and threaten the realtor, she appealed to the law enforcement agencies.

In December 2016, during the transfer of another part of the sum - before that Pelikan had already given 30 thousand rubles ($472.4) to the crooks, Sakhipov was detained. Early 2017 saw Churuto being caught. He, in turn, maintained innocence and accused Pelikan of distorting the facts. According to the ‘authority,’ he informed the realtor in advance that some of the money from the sale of real estate should go to him, and Pelikan subsequently merely refused to meet this condition.

It should be noted that the victim herself is a defendant but in a different case. The Tchaikovsky City Court is considering a case of fraud as part of an organized group. According to the interlocutors of Kommersant, it is about the theft of funds under the guise of real estate transactions.

Leonid Churuto is known in the city as one of the leaders of a criminal group, which in the 90s battled for control over the south of the region and neighboring regions of Udmurtia. Upon returning from the army, he joined a gang led by his brothers Stanislav and Vyacheslav Kostromitins (Kostroma). Like most of the bands of the 90s, they were engaged in covering merchants, extortion, robbery and weapons operations. After his brother was murdered in the struggle for spheres of influence against other criminal groups, Churuto, nicknamed Zhuk (Beetle), became the leader of the gang.

In 1997, Directorate for Fighting Organized Crime obtained information that the gang had got a large number of arms and ammunition. Searches of their places of the residence turned up a whole arsenal: a pistol, silencers for it, a reactive anti-tank grenade, more than four hundred gun cartridges, explosives, and demolition equipment. In total, 13 people were involved in the case of Kostromitin-Churuto gang. On May 19, 1999, Perm Regional Court found Churuto guilty of banditry, robbery, extortion as part of an armed group, as well as of the illegal acquisition, possession and carrying of weapons and sentenced him to ten years in prison.

After serving the term, in 2011 Churuto was again detained for extortion and sentenced to six years in a strict regime colony. In July 2016, the crime boss was released on parole but stayed at liberty for only six months. According to the sources of the publication, for old times’ sake, Churuto decided to engage in ‘roofing’ business people and offered Pelikan to ‘work’ with him.



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