Pasha Besheny tips off about Rublyovka gathering with Kakha Galsky

Pasha Besheny tips off about Rublyovka gathering with Kakha Galsky
Kakha Galsky

The leader of the criminal environment of Siberia prematurely celebrated his appointment to the ‘post' of the regional mafia enforcer.

Details of the dispersal of the gathering at Marani restaurant on Rublyovka, involving thieves in law Kakhaber Parpaliya (Kakha Galsky) and Elgudzhi Turkadze (Gudzha Kutaissky), appeared. In addition to the criminals, the meeting was attended by the leaders of the criminal environment of Novosibirsk, Pavel Brusentsev (Pasha Besheny) and Ruslan Slyusar. Then the sources reported that the purpose of the gathering of the criminal leaders was the appointment of Pasha Besheny as mafia enforcer for the Novosibirsk region. In the midst of the gathering security officials unexpectedly came to the restaurant, and the purpose of their visit, according to sources, was documenting of the facts of the creation of an organized criminal community by Kakha Galsky. As the recent events show, charging thieves in law with the creation of a criminal community is very common at the moment.

Sources of Rosbalt report interesting details. According to them, it was Akhmed Dombaev (Akhmed Shalinsky), now serving a long term, who lobbied the candidacy of Pasha Besheny. The sources also said that it was Pasha Besheny who gave the Moscow siloviki a tip-off on the gathering on Rublyovka, for some reason having decided that the issue with his appointment had already been resolved. He told local criminals about his 'career growth' and even threw a party in Novosibirsk to celebrate it. As a result, Novosibirsk operatives learned about the gathering on Rublyovka, and shared the information with colleagues from the Main Administration of Criminal Search of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

But the prospects of the Novosibirsk 'authority' were not so rosy. According to Rosbalt, Kakha Galsky and Gudzha Kutaissky wanted to clarify some points in the biography of the applicant for the responsible ‘post'. In particular, their claims concerned Brusentsev's disrespectful communication with thieves in law. It is known that once Pasha Besheny even hurled obscenities at some criminals calling him from Greece. As far as we are aware, Brusentsev's appointment has not taken place so far.



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