Papua Ugrekhelidze detained in Ukraine

Papua Ugrekhelidze detained in Ukraine
Papuna Ugrekhelidze

The thief in law was trying to gain control over smuggling of amber, the SBU says.

Thief in law Papuna Ugrekhelidze was detained by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). At the moment, the thief has already been deported to Georgia. This is reported by

35-year-old authority moved to Kiev about a year ago. While living in Ukraine, Papuna coordinated the activities of the gang, and then tried to put under his control the activities of illegal diggers of amber in the Rivne region. According to the police, Ugrelidze was crowned in Ukraine. Note that a person with such a name and surname is not listed as a thief in law in operational bases.

According to the SBU, Ugrelidze has several convictions for committing grave and especially grave crimes, and also served his sentence both on the territory of Ukraine and in other countries.

Earlier in Kiev, another thief in law was detained - Manuchar Gasviani, known in the criminal world as Mancho Zugdidsky. According to the SBU, Mancho arrived in Kiev to redistribute spheres of influence with other authorities.



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