Over a dozen Guli’s mobs detained in Moscow

Over a dozen Guli’s mobs detained in Moscow
Detained crime lord Fuad Rzaev (Afo) Photo: FSB

Acting on behalf of the thief, they collected a tribute from Moscow businessmen.

As a result of the FSB and the Criminal Investigation Department’s joint operation, members of thief in law Nadir Salifov’s (Guli) gang led by crime lord Fuad Rzaev aka Afo have been detained in Moscow. According to Kommersant, acting on behalf of Guli, they collected a tribute from businessmen of Azerbaijani origin,threatening with death to their family members. They would even kidnap some of them to make it more convincing.

The gang members received about 2 million rubles ($35.320) a month from each businessman. To monitor the OCG’s actions, Guli’s brother – Namik Bakinsky – periodically visited Moscow. However, it was Nadir himself who was responsible for overall coordination remotely via Skype, while being in Turkey. He cannot visit Russia due to being arrested in absentia and declared wanted on charges of Abduction (Art. 126 of the Russian Criminal Code) and Extortion (Art. 163) by the Presnensky Court of Moscow in late last year. 

Kommersant notes that Afo was extra careful too; he rarely talked to anyone in person, preferring to communicate by phone or through messengers. He also rarely visited Moscow, shuttling between Ukraine, Turkey and Georgia. However, law enforcers did manage to locate his whereabouts, when he decided to visit his wife Aigun in Dolgoprudny. On a Wednesday night, officers of the FSB and the Criminal Investigation Department with the support of special forces conducted a special operation to detain Rzaev. They had to open the door to his apartment with pneumatic pliers; during the storming, Rzaev tried to destroy his mobile phones and also inflicted himself four stab wounds in the stomach, hoping to go to a hospital instead of a prison. However, at the hospital, doctors said that Afo only had minor cuts that did not interfere with the conduct of investigative actions.

Rzaev’s wife was also detained; she had been previously convicted of forgery of documents. Part of the amount required from businessmen was transferred to her credit card.

Now operatives and investigators are studying the messages in Afo’s remaining working phones. They hope to find his correspondence with Turkish ‘colleagues’.

About ten people from Rzaev’s entourage were detained simultaneously with the operation in Dolgoprudny. They are being checked for involvement in the crimes. It is possible that all criminal cases will be consolidated into a single case, and the defendants will be charged with the Creation of a Criminal Community and Participation Therein (part 1 and 2 of Art. 210). 

After one of the meetings in Aiva café in January this year, several businessmen driven to despair filed a new application with law enforcement agencies, after which investigators from the Zamoskvorechye police department initiated another case of extortion. 

To recall, 1.5 months ago, on December 30, the Moscow police already detained Guli’s representatives when they were going to hold a meeting with members of Chechen thief in law Aziz Batukaev’s gang, with whom they had a dispute over several markets, in a café on Kutuzovsky Avenue. The Chechens tried to get the workers of Dorogomilovsky, Danilovsky and Butovsky markets – controlled by Guli – under their protection.

After being released in October 2017, Salifov began to actively strengthen his positions in the former Soviet Union, laying more and more businessmen under tribute. Through his representatives, he controls all spheres where Azeris are involved – from Moscow to the Urals.

His activity is also widely discussed in Ukraine, where local Azerbaijani public organizations have even held a rally demanding protection from racketeers.

Thus, Guli is currently the most battle-ready thief in law, suggesting that he is also the most likely candidate for the place of the ‘main thief’, with Shakro Molodoy being arrested.



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