Opponent of thief in law Guli gets released and flies to Baku

Opponent of thief in law Guli gets released and flies to Baku
Emin Akhmedov (Emin Adzhikabulsky)

The 36-year-old Emin Adzhikabulsky, whose vetting, which Guli categorically did not recognize with the specifically devoted to this occasion “malyava,” is part of a coalition of the worst enemies of the influential Azerbaijani crime boss.

On January 25, the former thief in law Emin Akhmedov, better known to the criminal world as Emin Adzhikabulsky, was released from the jail No. 1 in Krasnoyarsk after serving his sentence.

The employees of the Main Directorate of the Criminal Investigation of the MIA immediately received the decision of the leadership of the MIA about the undesirability of Azerbaijani Akhmedov’s stay in Russia for life, and then Emin Adzhikabulsky flew to Baku.

The 36-year-old Akhmedov, vetted 5 years ago by representatives of the clan Kardava-Mzarelua, there was only one, but a long term. On December 10, 2007, Akhmedov was sentenced by the Moscow City Court for banditry, robbery and attempted murder to 13 years of strict regime.

During the term of imprisonment, Akhmedov was detained in the correctional colonies of Chuvashia, Karelia, the Magadan and Vladimir regions, as well as the Krasnoyarsk region, and was twice transferred to the prison regime.

At the same time, the thief's status of Akhmedov in the criminal environment has not been finally confirmed. Together with Ahmed Shalinsky, Zviyad Tbilissky and Rashad Gyandzhinsky, Emin Adzhikabulsky was vetted one month after the murder of Ded Hasan by members of the Mingrelian clan Kardava-Mzarelua. However, three months later, Emin Adzhikabulsky was not recognized as a thief in law by Azerbaijani crime boss Nadir Salifov (Guli), who, using his influence, banned the coronation of any countryman without his knowledge. Pichuga and Vazha Tbilissky helped the thieves in law in February 2017 to return the thief's title to Akhmedov, but six months later in Krasnoyarsk prison his status was not confirmed by a group of crime boss including Sasha Shamaz, Levan Galsky, Koba Krasnodarsky and Yura Lazarevsky.

However, it is Guli who blames Emin Ajikabulsky for his uneventful thieve's fate. In the fall of 2017, Rosbalt reported that Emin Adzhikabulsky joined other Azerbaijani crime bosses Rafik Eyvazov (Rafik Masallinsky), Dzhavid Mamedov (Dato Agzhabedinsky) and Dzheykhun Askerov (Dzheykhun Gandzhinsky) in the clan war against Guli.

All four have personal motives to hate Guli. And Rafik Massalinsky, who is taking revenge on Guli for the ear cut off by his henchmen, even then began active actions – in April 2017, his people killed in St. Petersburg Dzhabir Gasanov, who participated in the massacre of Rafik in December 2016. A month later, in Odessa, an attempt was made on the two men trusted by Guli – Ilgam Gadzhiev and Oktay Arkhaly. And in early September, Elshan Mammadov, another one of the Massalinsky offenders, was killed in Tbilisi.

It is not known how the relationship between the liberated Emin Adzhikabulsky and Guli will develop, but the liberated Akhmedov has already flown to Baku, where, until the recent departure to Istanbul, Guli stayed for more than a month, and where the most influential Azerbaijani crime boss has many followers.



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