Operatives prevent redistribution of influence between Guli and Aziz’s clans in Moscow 

Operatives prevent redistribution of influence between Guli and Aziz’s clans in Moscow
Nadir Salifov aka Guli

The Chechens have attempted to take control of three Moscow markets ‘reserved’ for Nadir Salifov.

Before the New Year, special services prevented a massive redistribution of influence between the groups led by thieves in law Nadir Salifov (Guli) and Aziz Batukaev (Aziz). The latter claimed his right to as much as three Moscow markets ‘inherited’ by Guli from Zaur Aliev (Zayka), the leader of a large OCG, who is currently serving his sentence in prison.


Zaur Aliev (Zayka)

According to some sources, Guli had seven hundred fighters rose up in defense of his interests, while the Chechens offered to hold a more private meeting. As a result, the law enforcers busted their hook-up.

After such a fiasco, Aziz will have to defend his thief title, as he acted quite aggressively towards Guli. For example, in mid-December, the Chechens tried to divert the proceeds of the three markets to their boss, ignoring the fact the facilities are reserved for Guli’s clan. Without waiting for an explanation from Aziz, Guli called him. Sources report it was a pretty screwy conversation. The Chechen made it clear (quite rudely) that he did not renounce claims to the markets, to which Guli replied that it would have a major impact on Aziz.

As for Aziz’s thief title, considering the fact that the story of his ‘coronation’ (rumor has it no ‘approach’ was made to Aziz) raises many questions, and although the thief himself claims to the Russian ‘common fund’, the Chechen’s authority is called into serious doubt after the conflict with Guli.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Nadir Salifov had laid claims to the Food City market in Moscow controlled by Rovshan Lenkoransky’s proxies. According to operatives, the war for the largest wholesale food market in the capital is only entering its active phase.



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