Old-school thief. Tariel Sukhumsky buried in Moscow region next to his brother

Old-school thief. Tariel Sukhumsky buried in Moscow region next to his brother
Tariel Kacharava

The former thief in law died of internal bleeding in Moscow on August 7.

Last weekend, the Moscow region saw the burial of 55-year-old ex-thief in law Tariel Kacharava, also known as Tariel (or Taras) Sukhumsky. In his not-so-old age, the thief, who had been subjected to repeated beatings in Soviet prisons, had many chronic diseases and had difficulty moving. 

The mourning ceremony for the crime lord started off with a service of burial in the church of St. George the Victorious in Georgians, where his family, friends, and former ‘colleagues’ – including members of Shishkan and Petrik’s gangs – could say goodbye to him. After that, Karachava’s body was interred at the Dolgoprudny cemetery next to the grave of his elder brother Konstantin, killed in 1993 in the settling of criminal scores with Beskudnikovskie OCG. 

Born in the Abkhazian village of Varcha, native for such well-known thieves as Borya Apakela, Nodar Spilo, and Kako Kokhia, Kacharava determined his way of life almost in his childhood.

Already during his first time in the forced-labor camp No. 46 in Tsulukidze at 18, he was ‘crowned’ with the participation of Antimoz, Bakhiya, Keme, Duduka, as well as such thieves’ coryphées as Pasha Strazhnik and Robert Kalandadze.

Although, the second time he ended up behind bars after a theft attempt in Samara (or Kuybyshev at the time), was a true test for his limits. The administration of the infamous prison in Balashov, where Lasha Shushanashvili was also serving his term at the time, persistently tried to ‘rehabilitate’ the young thief and force him to renounce the title. Some sources say this led to an incident when Taras Sukhumsky attacked one of the colony's employees with an awl. Karachava’s brother saved him from the consequences, which could have been grave for him. Thanks to his extensive financial resources, Kot (this is how his friends called him) managed to have his brother transferred to Georgia, where quietly served out the remainder of his sentence. 

Despite his active participation in the division of spheres of influence in Moscow, Taras unexpectedly resigned his thief’s powers in 1992 yet remained respected in the criminal environment until the end of his days. Karachava was an old-school thief, who did not make a fortune in his life, sending all the money mainly to help the prisoners.

It is noteworthy that 60-year-old thief in law Grigory Chikhladze (Chibukha), who had been ill with cancer, has also died recently. His name was mentioned for the last time in April this year in connection with his detention in Greece, where he lived after serving his sentence in Georgia. 

In mid-summer, thief in law Avtandil Khetsuriani aka Avto Bokser also died of cancer in Italy in his 48.



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