Officials and kickboxers in service of Shakro Molodoy 

Officials and kickboxers in service of Shakro Molodoy

The elimination of Shakro Molodoy’s criminal structure members is continuing in Ozery, Moscow region.

The Tverskoy Court of Moscow has decided to remand a 31-year-old Ozery kickboxer Vadim Prokhorov and 33-year-old Aleksey Maksimov nicknamed Boston in two-month custody.

According to coaches, Prokhorov is a promising sportsman; the investigation believes, however, that in the spare time between his studies at the school of Olympic reserve, Vadim has been using his fists to bleed money out of businessmen, defending the interests of the criminal leader Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy), who was arrested in Moscow two months ago.

A little less distinguished Sergey Lipinets, also trained by the kickboxing coach from Ozery Konstantin Mironov, has also constituted the core of Shakro Molodoy’s fighting group in Ozery.

Aleksey Maksimov nicknamed Boston has been the Deputy Head of the planning department of the district administration. In addition, he is known for his active civil position; he has been heading the local branch of the Mestnye (Locals) environmental movement in Ozery. Many citizens know him as Boston.

According to local media, Maksimov has been directly involved in Sergey Kozlov’s detention for bribery, the Head of the City Administration who had been convicted and then acquitted.

It is known that Maksimov had given Kozlov money from an investor, which he has not taken, but looked in the package; this later served as evidence for indictment. The Head of Shakro Molodoy’s security, Batyr Bekmuradov, who had been arrested a few days earlier, has been the person behind the provocation. He has also been the Head of the fighting group of Shakro Molodoy’s criminal gang based on Zashchitnik Private Security Company, which included Maksimov and Prokhorov.

The court granted the investigation’s application to arrest the detainees for a period of 1 month and 29 days. The term expires on October 22, 2016. The same term applies to Zelimkhan Patiev, Batyr Bekmuradov, Aleksey Golubev, Yana Sorokina, and Zashchitnik Private Security Firm employees, who categorically deny accusations of involvement in the criminal association.

It should be noted that Batyr Bekmuradov, who had been involved in force operations and extortion for the benefit of Shakro Molodoy, was arrested on August 24 along with several other Ozery PSF members.

Video: Detention of members of a gang subordinate to Shakro Molodoy



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