Odessa region: 3 crime lords from Caucasus detained 

Odessa region: 3 crime lords from Caucasus detained
Photo: Bessarabia Inform

According to preliminary data, the thieves in law went to the “meeting” on the division of spheres of influence.

Crime lords were detained at the entrance to Izmail by law enforcement officers during a special operation on April 5.

According to Bessarabia INFORM, three citizens of Georgia, accompanied by two residents of Izmail, went to the capital of Danube region for negotiations on the distribution of spheres of influence in the criminal business.

The men will remain in custody until their identities are established and investigative actions with them are conducted.


Some media outlets point to the emerging trend – Caucasian authorities have frequently visited Bessarabia.

This year, the representative of the Caucasian thieves in law Dato was detained in Bolgrad. He went to the region to "put on the counter" enterprises of the agro-industrial complex.


In July last year, in Izmail, the police uncovered in the Parmesan restaurant a thieves’ gathering on division of spheres of influence in the south-western districts of the Odessa region – Izmailsky, Kiliysky, and Reniysky. At the event, law enforcement officers noticed well-known personalities in the thieves' circles: "speaker" Koba and Mindia Khromoy.




At the moment in these circles the situation is the following: Mindia Khromoy is trying to dislodge Antik (Kukhilava Antimoz Khukhutievich) from the south of the Odessa region. But part of the region, including the marijuana business, is under the authority of Oleg Popescu, nicknamed Oleg Reniysky. Khromoy is at the negotiation stage with him, a source in the police says.

Video: Crime lords detained in Izmail | Bessarabia INFORM



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