Odessa criminal world’s legend Sasha Angel turns out to be alive, returns to homeland

Odessa criminal world’s legend Sasha Angel turns out to be alive, returns to homeland
Aleksandr Angert

Aleksandr Angert came from London on the eve of the presidential election in Ukraine.

64-year-old crime lord Aleksandr Angert aka Sasha Angel came to Odessa from London the other day. This is reported by Strana.ua referring to sources in the State Border Service of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine.

It is not known why Angert arrived at his homeland, but he has already visited Kyiv several times. According to the Security Service of Ukraine source, there are no open criminal proceedings against him; therefore, he can visit the country and travel across it at any time. 

It is noteworthy that in 2017, it was reported that the crime lord died of cancer. According to sources in the State Border Service of Ukraine, the rumors of Angel’s death could have been initiated by him. Especially since no one could confirm or deny his death.

In any case, in 2017 Aleksandr Angert did undergo surgery and was prescribed chemotherapy in an Austrian clinic due to cancer of the jaw and throat. After that, he continued to receive treatment in Israel. Apparently, all this brought positive results: judging by the words of people who saw him after his arrival, he is in good shape. By the way, this is not the first miraculous recovery of Sasha Angel. Back in 1990, after an early release from prison, where he had been serving a 15-year-old sentence for murder since 1980, he was able to defeat stomach cancer.

According to sources in the police, in Ukraine, Angert has already met with a certain young woman whom he had previously met in Europe. The fact that Angel has never visited Odessa for no reason, and his current visit coincided with the election race, has been bugging siloviki.

According to their data, he will probably also meet with both the Mayor of Odessa, Gennady Trukhanov, and his business partner, Vladimir Galanternik. Moreover, there is information that the Angel arrived not alone, but with his proxy in Ukraine - Aleksandr Chernyak. According to a source in the SBU, the situation after the elections will most likely be addressed.

For a long time, Aleksandr Angert was known as the ‘shadow master’ of Odessa. He entered the big business in the 90s, pumping Russian oil through the port of Odessa, as well as selling weapons. Angert was also called the main patron of the current Mayor of the city, who actually did not deny his acquaintance with the crime lord.

He is known for the fact that in business wars he could resort to the elimination of competitors, so no one has yet dared to cross his path.

At the same time, in spite of the remaining interests in Odessa, Angert transferred the bulk of his assets to Europe back in the early 2000s. After that, the brigades under his control no longer inspired fear in the city. Instead, Angert chose friendly relations with the ‘gray cardinal’ of Odessa - businessman Vladimir Galanternik and Mayor of Odessa.

Together, they control almost all fields of the Odessa business: from the well-known Privoz market and the largest shopping centers to construction companies, customs, cargo and oil harbor.

It is also noteworthy that Sasha Angel demonstratively distances himself from the traditional organized crime - the clans of thieves in law. His ‘power wing’ in the city is now represented by radical public organizations.

For example, in 2017, Odessa Azerbaijanis complained about the mayhem of unknown thugs who, under the guise of various patriotic organizations, tried to put pressure on them. Then there were several attacks on entrepreneurs. Their opponents from Avtomaydan Odessa and Samooborona Odessa claim that they are simply engaged in identifying various criminal areas of the diaspora, for instance, underground casinos, or activities of drink spikers, engaged in drug trafficking in city clubs and so on.



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