NY court releases MMA fighter Makashvili, fight with notorious Mirzayev to be held

NY court releases MMA fighter Makashvili, fight with notorious Mirzayev to be held
Levan Makashvili

A servant of Themis showed greater loyalty to Georgian fighter in mixed martial arts than to another athlete – boxer Avtandil Khurtsidze. In August Levan Makashvili, who was released, is to have a fight with notorious Russian wrestler Rasul Mirzayev.

The court of New York released on bail the incumbent Georgian MMA wrestler of Fight Nights Global League Levan Makashvili, previously detained on suspicion of involvement in the criminal group of thief in law Razhden Shulaya, known in the criminal world under the nicknames Razden Pitersky, Roma and Brother.

"Levan is free. He returned to the family. Everything is fine. He feels very well", said Tatyana Shavlakadze, the wife of Makashvili.

Previously, the wrestler's coach declared that he considered the fighter to be innocent.

According to the sports press, Makashvili already has a fight with notorious Russian fighter Rasul Mirzayev planned in August of this year. It was Makashvili who defeated Mirzayev for the first time in November 2016. The Russian intends to gain revenge in the upcoming battle.

It is interesting that the New York court agreed to release Makashvili on bail, but refused to release another detained athlete – Georgian boxer Avtandil Khurtsidze – who had also planned an important fight. Probably, material evidence indicating a direct connection of Khurtsidze with the gang of thief in law Razhden Shulaya became the weighty reason to put him in custody for two months. Seattle Times media outlet reported that the materials of the accusation in the case of Avtandil Khurtsidze, known by the nickname Kickboxer, featured a video recording showing how the boxer is beating a man who was a police informer. The athlete is also involved in the beating of a man whom members of the gang suspected of stealing money. The victim was attacked immediately after poker. After Khurtsidze beat the player numerous times, he passed him to the leader of the gang, thief in law Razhden Shulaya.

As The CrimeRussia has reported earlier, on June 8 US law enforcement officers inflicted a defeat upon the criminal syndicate headed by thief in law Razhden Shulaya. Siloviki detained 33 members of the group, immigrants from the countries of the former Soviet Union. All members of the gang are charged with a number of crimes of a wide range – from smuggling cigarettes, stealing cargo, including 10,000 pounds (4.5 tons) of chocolate and confectionery, drug possession, racketeering, selling stolen things and giving bribes to organizing illegal gambling, storage and sale of weapons, looting, drug trafficking and contract killings.    



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