Now everyone can be put in prison. Thief in law Petrik leaves Russia after arrest of Shishkan 

Now everyone can be put in prison. Thief in law Petrik leaves Russia after arrest of Shishkan
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Aleksey Petrov and Oleg Shishkanov were on friendly terms and worked together on their projects.

‘Thief in law’ Aleksey Petrov (Suvorov) known as Petrik - whose death was reported by the media on August 2 by mistake - is alive and left Russia after arrest of Oleg Shishkanov (aka Shishkan), reports Rosbalt with reference to its sources.

According to the sources of the agency, Petrov is spending time in Italy, Spain and Switzerland. He is not going to return to Russia, so far. Petrik is reported to have been on friendly terms arrested Shishkan and often met him in the Moscow region to discuss their mutual projects. Besides that, Petrov was often seen in Sochi where he had interests, too.

After the arrest of Shishkan under an ‘anti-thief’ article (Leadership in a criminal hierarchy), the criminal worlds started saying that now, any ‘thief in law’ can be put in prison. Sources of Rosbalt note that Petrov had always been very cautious. With that, he met other ‘thieves’ face to face only. If he learnt that a group of ‘thieves’ was going to gather (which can be considered as a ‘convention’ by law enforcers), he refused to meet. The sources of the agency believe that now, Petrov decided it was not safe to stay in Russia any more.


Another influential Slavic ‘thief in law’ Mikhail Voevodin (aka Misha Luzhnetsky) is reported to have decided to avoid visits of Russia. Earlier, he spent most of his time in Switzerland and rarely visited Russia.

A number of ‘thieves in law’ who are in Russia are not going to leave the country, so far. After Shishkanov was detained, ‘thieves’ Aleksey Zabavin (aka Lekha Zabava) and Aleksander Zakharov (aka Shurik Zakhar) started controlling processes in the criminal world of the Moscow region. Zakharov is backed by Sergey Lalakin (aka Luchok).

Vladimir Tyurin (aka Tyurik) and Sergey Aksenov (aka Aksen) stayed in Moscow. Lately, they have participated in the criminal life little. The active participant is Vasily Khristoforov (aka Vasya Voskres) who is a candidate for the title of the number 1 ‘thief in law’ which is vacant after the arrests of Shishkan and Zakhary Kalashev (aka Shakro Molodoy). Khristoforov is noted to have “very serious positions” in the Moscow region. 

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Besides that, according to the sources, ‘thief in law’ Konstantin Borisov (aka Kostya Kostyl) has lately been very active. He was released in December, 2018. Borisov controls the North-Western Administrative District of Moscow, the Moscow region’s Solnechnogork, Krasnogorsk, Khimki, as well as the Bryansk and Tver regions. Besides that, the sources of the agency mention a ‘king’ of mafia of the Voronezh region Oleg Plotnikov (aka Plotnik) among the influential Slavic ‘thieves’.



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