Note for Torchik intercepted in Buryatian colony 

Note for Torchik intercepted in Buryatian colony
Torchik was detained at a Moscow gathering

The content of the kite is unknown.

In Buryatian colony IK-2 prison guards intercepted a letter that was meant for thief in law serving a prison term Nugzar Torchinava nicknamed Torchik. The note was revealed when officers were inspecting the thief’s attorney.

The inspection showed the lawyer had three pieces of paper full of handwritten text addressed to Torchik. The content has not been established. According to Art. 91 of Code of Criminal Procedure, all received and sent correspondence must be censored by prison authorities.

The situation is being studied.

We should remind that the 55-year-old Georgian thief in law was arrested in June 2015 at a thieves’ gathering, which was held at a Moscow hotel. Torchik and Pichugov were seen among the guests. Curiously, photographs of the deceased Ded Hasan and Yaponchik could be found hanging on the walls just next to icons. The thieves were engaged in a game of backgammon.

Torchik was the one to get in trouble with the law: when searched, he turned out to be carrying three grams of heroin, which became the basis for a criminal case, resulting in a prison term for the thief that will end on December 24, 2018.

Video: the detention of Torchik



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